4 Ways To Save Money on Fall Travel

Summer has come to a close and everyone is back at the office, having used up their vacation days on hectic summer trips with crowded tourists and speedy tours.

Were you smart enough to save a few days for a fall getaway?

If so, here are the four best vacations that won't break the bank this Autumn season.

1. Cruise

A cruise in the cold?? Not necessarily! Take advantage of repositioning season -- the time of year when cruise ships from more northern locations (New England and Canada) set sail for the warm south. For a discounted price, they take passengers aboard so that they aren't simply moving south alone.

2. Visit European Capitals

The big cities -- Paris, Rome, London -- are way more affordable in the fall after tourist season has come to a close. Hotels and flights will undoubtedly lower their rates, so keep an eye out for that dream European vacation you've been waiting for.

3. Go to the Caribbean

It's always summer in the Caribbeans! Once again, rates will drop significantly with the changing of the seasons, so fall is your time to pounce on that dream Caribbean vacation. Many islands offer deals not just on hotels, but on airfare, dining, nightlife, entertainment and more.

4. Take a New England Road Trip

Easily one of the most beautiful spots in the U.S. come fall, a New England road trip will leave you dreamily strolling through parks and woods lined with magnificent leaves of all colors and shades. Spend time in quiet small towns rather than the big cities to save big on lodging.