5 Activities You Never Knew You Could Do On A Cruise

Anyone who thinks of cruises imagines great food, delivered drinks, poolside lounging, and the occasional stop off on the coast to explore. Here are ten other activities many cruise lines are beginning to offer that gives a much different outlook on traditional cruise style!

1. Indoor Skydiving. You heard that right! One cruise line has constructed a 23-foot vertical wind-tunnel powered by four giant fans to simulate the feeling of skydiving for cruisers. If that's not your style, the same cruise line offers rock climbing, roller skating, and a 30-car race track.

2. An Apple store. Feeling spendy on your cruise? Stop by a full Apple store, or iLounge as they like to call it, to check emails or take part in one of 18 workshops designed to teach anyone some of the amazing apps Apple has to offer.

3. Jetsons-Style Observation Deck. On Quantum of the Seas, a 135-foot crane arm will lift a class capsule above the ship to give 14 cruisers at a time a spectacular view of the seas.

4. Original Picassos. Oceania Cruises has more than 20 original Picasso paintings in their possession, spanning 41 years of his career. Most can be found in the Riviera and Marina's Grand Bars.

5. Live TV Talk Shows. On Deck 7 of the Regal Princess, "The Wake Show" is filmed daily, featuring live talks shows, demonstrations and a chance for guests to meet the ship's entertainers.