5 Unfortunately Named American Towns

5 Unfortunately Named American TownsEvery person on the continent knows where Hollywood is, not to mention New York City, Miami, San Francisco and the like, but has anyone ever heard of Suck-Egg Hollow? Granted, attractions and celebrities bring tourism to the table in big cities, but the following names are more willingly swept under the rug by residents long before they are stuck on postcards!

The name behind Why came from necessity because at the time two State Routes crossed to create a Y-intersection in an unincorporated rural community. State law ruled that all cities have a name a minimum of three letters long, (disqualifying “Y”), and so the founders introduced “Why”. Present-day, the highways have been rebuilt and the intersection is now a T, but the curious title still remains.

2. Tightwad, MISSOURI
With 60 something residents, Tightwad doesn't have many folks to blame this name on. Legend has it that a shifty transaction took place between a store owner and a postman in which the postman was charged an additional 50 cents for a watermelon of better quality. Other rumors say that instead of a watermelon, the item in question was a rooster.

3. Toad Suck, ARKANSAS
Nestled just near the centerline of the state lies the riverside town of Toad Suck, Arkansas! Back when the ferryboats couldn’t run at low tide the captains and crewmen would frequent a nearby tavern for moonshine whiskey. A raucous or two later the townspeople knew the offenders by one description, “They suck on the bottle ’til they swole up like toads.”

4. Suck-Egg Hollow, TENNESSEE
What good farmer doesn't protect his flock especially in snake country? Suspicious of all unfamiliar critters on his property, a Tennessee egg farmer did away with everything that crossed his path after discovering that his precious eggs were disappearing. Several clues later when the incidents continued to occur, he discovered black snakes were sucking down his goldmine.

5. Scratch Ankle, ALABAMA
The swamplands of Alabama are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, so thick that no ankle could go unprotected. On top of this, the thick herds of cows carried fleas all around the settlement, making for an unpleasant concoction of biting insects. No one in the community could escape the scratching of bare ankles everywhere they went.