5 Ridiculous Hotel Perks You Won’t Believe Exist

5 RidiculousIf you want your vacation hotels to come with the best of the best, top notch quality, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, we've got a list of 5 crazy perks you can actually have -- if you're ready to throw down a decent amount of money.


Here are a few perks the world's most lavish hotels have to offer.


Arriving by Paragliding

At Six Senses Hideaway in Oman, a night's stay comes with a guide who will paraglide you from the top of a nearby mountain directly to the doorstep of the main lobby to check in.

Price - $1,800 a night


Pet Psychic

At night at Portland's Hotel Monaco comes with a live-in pet psychic available to your and your beloved Fluffy to visit and work out your relationship problems. More Kibbles n' Bits, please!

Price - $500 a night


Manta Ray Hotline

The Maldive's Four Seasons have a special phone in each room that rings to let guests know a Manta Ray has been spotted near the shore, so that guests can rush to a complimentary private boat to see the creatures in their own habitat.

Price - $2,900 a night


Unlimited Lamborghini Access

Okay, we admit this one is pretty awesome. At the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills, guests have unlimited access to a fleet of luxury cars of all shapes and sizes. Live your Miami Vice dreams out on the West Coast!

Price - $19,000 a night


Romantic 'Kidnapping'

The Namale Resort and Spa in Fiji offers a service where couples can be "kidnapped" at any given time and taken to a romantic secluded waterfall for a picnic lunch. But like we said, this can happen at any time, so be sure to be freshly showered at all times during your stay.

Price - $19,000 a week