7 Smartphone Photo Tricks For Your Next Vacation

Unless you're a professional photographer, more and more people are relying solely on their Smartphones for snapping pics on vacation. Here are 7 new ways to get the best shot possible!


1. The Panodash

Does your phone have a panorama function? He's a ridiculously clever way to spice it up! Have your photographer stand in one spot, and the person getting their picture taken stand in front of them. Pan very slowly while your model strikes his or her first pose, then runs around you once, coming back in for the next shot, and so forth three or four times, all while you're slowly panning. You'll get a cool shot of four different poses in the same picture!


2. Pano-Drive By

For a long car ride, sustain your boredom with a simple, beautiful pano shot of your view. Hold your phone out the window, hit the pano button, and keep holding as your drive. It'll capture a long stretch of whatever view you have.


3. Zoom Lens

This one is easy, but I bet you've never thought of it before -- zoom in with binoculars on your lens! Get that close shot you otherwise could never achieve.


4. Macrolens

For a cool visual effect that'll make any subject more interesting, put a small drop of water on your lens with a straw. If it's small enough, it won't run off as you quickly get your shot.


5. Reflector

For taking portraits in weird lighting, a car reflector can help brighten it up! Just have your subject hold the reflector so enough light shines on his or her face to get the best shot.


6. Tripod and Shutter Cable

This one takes a bit of work, but the results are awesome! With a few quick cuts of some old cardbord lying around (view video below for a detailed explanation), you can create a Smartphone tripod to place your camera without having to hold it. For perfect selfies, connect a set of iPhone earphones, and the plus sign takes a picture for you. Hold out the cords as far as you need for a no-arms selfie!


7. Underwater Housing

Another easy-but-brilliant tip -- place your phone in a glass cup, with the top still out of water, to go half-way in and get great underwater shots!


For the full explanations, check out this video below from the innovative folks at COOPH.