8 Ways to Battle Homesickness

8 Ways to Battle Homesickness

It’s perfectly normal to start missing home a bit during travel, whether you’re gone for a semester abroad, or just away for a week. If you’re looking for ways to move past your homesickness and just enjoy your trip, here are a few tips!

1. Be active. The easiest way to forget your woes is to make sure every second of your day is filled with activity! You’re in a new place, after all, so you really shouldn’t be wasting a second lounging at your apartment or hotel. Boredom will surely bring about some homesickness, so just make sure you’re not bored.

2. Make a new friend. Part of homesickness can result from feeling lonely, so use this time to build new relationships without whoever you may be traveling with. With so many exciting things to do in a new place, you shouldn’t have a hard time forming new bonds over new experiences.

3. Keep a journal. When you’re missing your home, write down the reasons why you wanted to travel in the first place, and this will help you feel inspired to make the best of it. Also, you’ll have a journal of events to bring back to your family and friends and share with them all the specific details of your experience.

4. Spend a lot of time outdoors. Something about the fresh air and exercise releases those endorphins you need to feel invigorated and excited about your travels. Skip the bus and walk a few extra blocks to your next destination, or take a late night stroll with your travel-mates to see the nightlife of the town.

5. Don’t check social media or your phone for extended periods of time. This may seem a bit backwards if you’re trying to stop missing your friends and family back home, but usually it will help to keep your mind off of them and focus on the experience you’re having in that moment.

6. Write a lot of postcards. You’ll feel connected with loved ones back home if you take just ten minutes out of your evening to write down your favorite memories of the trip so far, and for them, it will be much more meaningful than a text or email.

7. Don’t be afraid to have a good cry! If you’re really, really feeling the homesick blues, excuse yourself for an hour before your nighttime plans with travel-mates, and take some time in private to just cry it out. It’s healthy, emotionally and physically, and you’ll most likely feel much better afterwards.

8. Record your journeys. Take tons of pictures and videos to show everyone back home, so that you don’t have to feel sad about them missing the amazing landmarks and scenery – they’ll experience it through your recordings!