A Teacher’s Guide to Student Travel

Are you a chaperone just beginning the process of planning your big group trip?

If you are, you have come to the right place! Adventure Student Travel strives to assist you in all areas of your trip planning needs. We are going to take you through the first steps of your planning process and make it all a little easier for you.

  • Step One:
    A Teacher's Guide to Student Travel

    A Teacher's Guide to Student Travel

    Decide on two to three locations that your group wants to travel to.

    • How long are you wanting to travel and during what time of year?

  • Step Two:
    Decide the budget your group wants to stay within for your trip.

    • Remember that transportation and lodging are your biggest costs.

  • Step Three:
    Decide the objective of your group trip. Is it educational, a performance trip, a faith-based tour, or a grad trip? Or is it a mix? We can assist with it all!

    • Have certain types of attractions in mind. Museums? Theme Parks? Etc.

  • Step Four:
    Be sure to discuss with your school administration team about the restrictions and policies for group travel in your district.

    • Always remember that without your administration team behind you; your group may not travel.

  • Step Five:
    Now you are ready! Pick up the phone and call a dedicated Adventure Student Travel Trip Coordinator to get started!

    • Serving you since 1998!

Do you feel more at ease in your planning? We hope you do because, Adventure Student Travel, we strive to take the stress out of your group travel planning!

Are you ready to plan your next trip? If you are, give us a call to get you started.

-Erin Hines - AST Agent