California Academy of Sciences

coral_reef_diver_Will LoveCalifornia Academy of Sciences

One of the largest, most innovative, eco-friendly, widely-acclaimed and best-loved natural history museums in the world, the California Academy of Sciences re-opened its doors in 2008 after considerable earthquake damage in 1989 required the undertaking of nearly ten years of extensive planning and renovation. Re-opening day, admission was free; the line of happily anticipative visitors remained a mile long until closing, with over 15,000 excited guests admitted- and thousands more turned away! An absolute must-see, grab your group of inquiring minds and immerse yourselves in the thrill of exploration and discovery of the diverse realms of science with a tour of this 400,000 square foot assemblage of exquisite natural wonders of Earth, Space and Sea.

This landmark within a landmark, located in historic  and beautiful Golden Gate Park offers a stunning and dynamic array of planetary, aquatic and historic specimens and extraordinary exhibits showcased in a cutting-edge venue; a sparkling and colorful aquarium, the largest digital planetarium in the world, a comprehensive natural history museum, lush tropical rainforest bio-dome, hands-on tide pool, fascinating naturalist center and swamp exploration area all have something to show you! Introduce yourselves to the resident white swamp alligator and experience a simulated San Francisco-style earthquake; step into a living cloud of jewel-toned tropical rainforest butterflies and trip the light fantastic under breathtakingly realistic swirling galaxies! Stay for a few hours, or stay for the day- the world-and beyond- is your oyster at the California Academy of Sciences!

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