Adventureworks Zip Line Tours

Adventureworks Zip Line Tours

Adventureworks Zip Line Tours is an exciting aerial adventure park in Catherine’s Landing near Hot Springs and the Ouachita Mountains. This thrilling zip line park offers your group an unbelievable adventure with a bird’s eye view of the beautiful Arkansas forest filled the skyline. The company itself began in 1987, serving daring guests safely and securely for over 25 years. Your group will soar through the open Arkansas air on steel cables, secured in a safety harness and attached to a strong zip pulley system. This track, in particular, is made up of 12 ziplines, over a mile of adventure. These lines are designed in a horseshoe pattern, over 800 feet in length.

If anybody in your group is afraid of heights, have no fear, the track starts with what the manager likes to call ‘bunny slopes’ so you can get your airlegs, then takes you through different fun portions of track that will undoubtedly leave you wanting more by the end. While in the air you’ll see the native trees, plants, and wildlife of Arkansas, and the best part is this adrenaline producing park is open year-round, no matter the season.

Some of the guest's favorite parts of this adventure include the water dip above the creek, the 50 mph race section, and the famous Sky Bridge. The Big Sky Bridge takes you across a creek below to an 80-foot observation tower built around a giant oak tree. The most fun part is, you’ll have to walk across a suspended bridge to get there! Your group will have plenty of training and safety meetings, as well as an option for a more detailed two-hour zip tour. Get ready to cross flying off your bucket list, as you and your group have the time of your lives on this incredible aerial adventure!


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