Allen’s Landing Houston

Allen's Landing Houston

Allen's Landing Park, otherwise known as 'Houstons Plymouth Rock' or 'Houston's Heart', is THE original Houston spot. No, really, this is where it all started!

First occupied by August Chapman and John Kirby Allan in 1836, this site sits on the confluence of Buffalo and White Oak Bayous. Of course, this made the spot the economic hub of the soon to be a sprawling city. It was considered to be the commercial hub of the city, the first port, the 'head of navigation', and the symbol of Houston's entrepreneurial spirit overall.

Today you will see the entry plaza, embarcaderos, historic wharf, hiking and biking trails, and public text art. One of the main attractions here, aside from the views themselves, is the revitalized Sunset Coffee Building from 1910. This Main Street establishment served as a roasting company and factory and played a huge role in Houston's early economy.