Alligator Alley

Alligator Alley

Welcome to Alligator Alley, the swamp sanctuary on the Gulf Shores that allows you to get up close and personal with one of the most misunderstood species along the coast, the alligator!

Opened in 2004 by owner Wes Moore, this sanctuary holds over 450 gators that have all been rescued from 'unnatural areas' and placed here to feel more at home. During your visit, you will take a guided adventure that starts on the viewing platform, where you will see all the different sizes of alligators, from hatchlings to adults. These gators will be sunbathing, courting, nesting, or just resting!

Next, head to the boardwalk and see the gators in their natural habitat, as well as other local wildlife like turtles, frogs, ospreys, and owls. The last stop is the most thrilling, the air-conditioned Gator Station. Here you can hold a baby alligator, yes, that's right, hold it, as well as chat with experts about the creatures. Feeding times are daily at 11 am, 1 pm, and 4 pm if you would like to watch and/or participate.

Before you go be sure to save time to meet Captain Crunch, the 13 foot, 800-pound alligator with the bite strength of 2,982 pounds!!

Fun Facts from Aligator Alley

  • Alligators grow to a maximum length of 14 ft. Specimens over 13 ft. are rare.

  • Alligators of 10 ft. and above can have as much as 1,800 pounds of bite (true pounds, not pounds per square inch).

  • An alligator’s life expectancy is 50 years. To date, 56 is the oldest on record.

  • The average lifespan of an alligator is 50 years in the wild, also.

  • Females grow to a maximum size of 10 ft. and there are no external differences between sexes.