Amalie Arena

Scott Audette

Amalie Arena, formerly known as the Tampa Bay Forum Times, is Florida’s premier entertainment venue, best known for being the home of the '04 Stanley Cup Champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning! Amalie Arena is home to many teams and many yearly events, ranging from 150 to 200 annual big events and sporting events. Recently Amalie has undergone a serious facelift, adding unique features that put this arena on the top of the rankings list across the nation. While here your group will get a chance to see the lightning throwing tesla coils, the 11,000 square foot Bud Light Party Deck with the most incredible downtown Tampa views, and a massive five manual 105 rank digital pipe organ. All of these elements combined make Amalie among the best sporting arenas and entertainment venues in the nation.

This 670,000 square foot arena was first built in 1996 and has since seen the Stanley Cup, the NCAA tournament, the ACC Championships, as well as many big concerts. For instance, some of the biggest moments at the arena include a performance by U2 after 9/11, Bon Jovi and ACDC performing together, the biggest Ringling Bros circus event, pro volleyball championships in the early 2000s, and a massive hurricane Katrina relief fundraiser. Amalie is not only paving the way for entertainment, but for community and outreach as well. A tour of this massive facility will show your group some of the coolest, most innovative, and most exciting sports and entertainment action around Tampa!