American Hiking Society

am hiking society

The American Hiking Society is one of the most involved and influential national trail preservation groups and they're big on volunteer opportunities. You'll find a truly amazing group of people doing truly amazing things on our national hiking and biking trails! This Maryland based nonprofit group was founded in 1976 and has been the only national organization promoting protecting foot trails since then! This club is highly dedicated to preserving trails, their surrounding areas, and the hiking experience in America overall. Considered by many to be the "national voice for hikers", this group connects people with nature, conserves open spaces we hold dear, provides biological corridors for wildlife, and even promotes American’s health and the health of the natural environment.

This preservation group represents millions of American hikers, trying to preserve the legacy for future generations by participating in conservation issues, public and private partnerships, and the regular funding, planning, and developing of trails throughout the nation. Help out yourself by signing up for a volunteer vacation, a one week building and maintaining trip that takes volunteers to various exciting and diverse U.S. locations. These groups can have anywhere from 6-15 members involved, the entire trip being an excellent mix of conservation work on the trails and free time to hike, bike, horseback ride, paddle, bird watch, geocache, or any of the like activities! Speaking of which, this society is also the creator of the largest celebration of trails in the nation, National Trails Day, a day in which you can participate in any of the aforementioned activities in several different places in each state.