American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is among the most influential and supported volunteer and charity organizations in the United States. Some people, however, don’t really know the extent of the Red Cross’ helping hand, which in many cases allows volunteers to travel and help out various American communities in need, from local disaster areas to donating blood and education! An astounding 90% of humanitarian Red Cross work is done by volunteers, a total of over 500,000 a year, as well as 15,000 nurses and 50,000 relief items donated and distributed to displaced and needy families across the nation. There are over 65,000 disaster responses by the Red Cross yearly, making this one really influential and serious cause to join in, America!

As mentioned before, the Red Cross allows volunteers to help in many different ways, and in many different places (anywhere in the U.S., really). You can choose to give blood at your local hospital or disaster site, donate food or relief items, help a natural disaster cleanup and rescue team, or fundraiser and educate. This group provides care and comfort to ill or injured service members, helps support military families, and takes special care of displaced families and groups. You could even donate online or help out in the office or warehouse of your local chapter. The best part? A quarter of all Red Cross volunteers are 24 or younger, the organization getting plenty of eager school groups, clubs, national youth groups, and the like ready to help and participate in networking, internships, and rewarding volunteer experiences. There are even international service and volunteering opportunities!

Check out how to help in your local area here: Become a Volunteer, then give us a call if you need help travelling or organizing a group trip!