The American Rover

american rover tall shipWhat Virginia Beach getaway would be complete without a turn on this majestic Tall Sailing Ship? Her elegant tan bark sails have been a signature fair-weather sight of the Hampton Roads area since 1986 when April through October, the stately 135 foot three-masted topsail schooner American Rover departs from Waterside in the heart of Norfolk, Virginia and sails onto the smooth waters of Elizabeth River and Hampton Roads Harbor on fabulously relaxing two-hour narrated harbor tours and gloriously romantic Sunset cruises. Lend a hand with the sails, take a turn at the wheel, or just sit back and sail away from the cares of the day-you’re assured plenty of comfortable seating and shade topside and will find two climate controlled lounges and sparkling restrooms below. American Rover also offers fantastic two hour student party tours complete with DJ and Panera boxed lunch, pizza or catered bbq meal and unlimited soft drinks; grab your group, pick your pleasure and sail into the sunset with American Rover’s fine tradition of excellence!