How To: Get the Most Out of American Travel


With a little help from the folks at Vagabondish, we’ve listed an easy formula for getting the most out of your trip across America – just check these things off your list.


The Outdoors

- Explore diverse National parks
- Climb mountains
- Admire ancient rock formations
- Gaze upon prehistoric canyons
- Sprawl out in a green pasture
- Hike hills
- Grill hotdogs





The Cities

- Walk through Times Square
- Take a tram in San Francisco
- Stand on a New Orleans trellised balcony
- Ride to the top of The Arch in St. Louis


Food and Drinks

- Sinfully tender barbecue in the South
- Oozing city cheeseburgers
- New Orleans overstuffed Po’ Boys
- Authentic New Mexico tortilla chips and salsa
- Pie. Everywhere.



- City street buskers and performers
- Street corner rappers
- Smoky club jazz singers
- Classical music in an open park
- Nashville and Memphis. No explanation needed.
Art and Museums

- New York Metropolitan
- Architecture everywhere
- Small art communities
- Art in nature
- Art in new people



- Meet new people
- Meet campers
- Meet flight-mates
- Meet restaurant goers
- Remember what they say and how they look at life