American Treasure Tour

Welcome to the city of Oaks, Pennsylvania, where you and your group will take part in a one-of-a-kind group tour featuring some of the most retro, hidden, and unique American treasures. This 100,000 square foot, all-indoor, massive collection contains tens of thousands of items, covering over three acres of fun. A private collector bought all these rare pieces together into one large impressive collection of Americana, and within it you will see everything from antiques to kitsch to pop culture. You can even see this collection’s influence and popularity on the popular CBS show, Philly’s Dream Drives.

Once here your group can choose to walk around on their own or take a group tour, available by appointment only. These tours involve a tram ride and sit-down presentation within the Music Room. You can choose a custom tour, Directors Tour, or Tradition Tour. Explore the exhibits within, from mechanical music to preserved automobiles. After discovering all the classic cuts and band organs you can go see all the dolls, model planes, circus ware, and patriotic and holiday items throughout the rest of the establishment. Once you’ve worked up an appetite you can take part in a catered buffet for the group or just head over to the Theater Room’s Bistro and Bar. This is the biggest trove of vintage American gems, its sheer volume at the same time exciting and overwhelming, so don’t miss it!