American Wildlife Safaris

You may not be likely to see a lion in the American wilderness but there are other options. In this great land of opportunity and innovation, we've brought the magic of the original African safari to the United States with a variety of animal viewing experiences from native North American creatures to the exotically imported ones you know and love. Take a tour, ride the tram, and learn about these fascinating beings from the safety of a comfortable vehicle. Your student group is bound to love it!

Native Animals

  • Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour - Custer State Park, SD - As the park contains over 71,000 acres, you're probably going to need a tour. Taking the Buffalo Safari Jeep Tour grants you a guided excursion into the park's abundant wildlife including buffalo, pronghorns, elk, and more.
  • The Great Smoky Mountains National Park - North Carolina/Tennessee - There are many species living within the Great Smoky Mountains Park, namely an abundance of elk in the Cataloochee Valley. Your group can drive or hike by and see more than 140 elk, a picnic in the fields, and take plenty of pictures.
  • Maine Moose Watching - Moosehead Lake, ME - Second only to Alaska, the moose population in Maine has reached a high of around 70,000 and to handle this wildlife boom, tourism companies are taking advantage. There are a number of company's (such as the one listed here) whose sole purpose is to show their groups an abundance of moose so you're bound to see some on this adventure.
  • Lamar Valley "The American Serengeti" - WY - Located within Yellowstone National Park, Lamar Valley is rife with wildlife. Bison, bighorn sheep, elk and caribou, foxes, coyotes, and even a few wolves live in the area and poke out their noses to be seen by curious travelers.
  • Denali Park Road - AK - It's no joke that Alaska has the highest population of the Big 5: wolves, moose, grizzly bears, Dall sheep, and caribou. The Denali Park Road is probably your best bet on seeing these animals, though they are spread elsewhere in the park.
  • Northwest Trek Wildlife Park - Eatonville, WA - Viewable from a tram instead of a drive-thru park, this 50-minute tour shows off all manner of North American animals. There's also the Cheney Family Discovery Center on the property for added education and interactive special activities.

Exotic Animals

  • San Diego Zoo Safari Park - At 1,800 acres and over 300 species of animals, the San Diego Zoo Safari Park is the free-range style that simulates an African Serengeti. You can choose between a guided bus tour or a tram to see the more realistic version of wild animals in the wild.
  • Safari West - Sonoma, CA - Like most of Sonoma wine country, Safari West is the luxurious option among wildlife safaris. One of the most beautiful destinations in the entire country meets the beauty of African safaris, complete with giraffes, zebras, and even big cats. You can even go back to camp and hang out in a glamping style canvas tent to relax.
  • Safari Wilderness Ranch - Orlando, FL - In the sun and heat of central Florida, you'll encounter the African Serengeti full of zebras, lemurs, camels, giraffes and much more. They have several different experiences such as a customized vehicle safari, a camel riding excursion, and a kayak safari among them as well as animal feeding interactions.
  • Animal Kingdom - Walt Disney World, FL - You won't be disappointed with the largest animal park in the world and it's Disney! There are over 1,700 animals, 250 species, and plenty of varying experiences for guests to enjoy. Walkthrough a more zoo style trail with enclosed exhibits, take the tram through Kilimanjaro Safaris and see the free-range park full of amazing animals, or go on a trek through the jungle!