Antique Boat Museum

Landmark USS Constellation in Baltimore, Maryland HarborTo collect, preserve, study, and interpret objects related to freshwater nautical history of small water craft (less than 100 feet) within the northern region is the goal of the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY. This establishment was built and founded in the late 1960s, containing ten buildings and land space spanning over 75,000 square feet, and shoreline and dock space spanning 1,900 feet total! This museum serves as the premier freshwater nautical museum in North America, and contains galleries with over 300 unique and well-preserved boats. There are thousands of recreational boating artifacts within as well, in a large gallery of 4.5 acres total.

While exploring this fun, blue star museum your group can take part in speed boat rides, boat shows, educational programs, special events, or take a great docent-led tour around the grounds. Check out such interactive attractions and exhibits as The Perfect Canoe, Oar Else!, Quest for Speed, or the National Boat Show exhibit. Be sure to wear your walking shoes here so you can comfortably journey through all the exhibit space, collection storage, archives, libraries, decks, and beautiful shoreline. You will easily see why the Antique Boat Museum is number one in the preservation of American maritime heritage, and also why this museum has brought significant economic and cultural boosts to Clayton and Northern New York in general!