Appalachian Club

 Volunteer_on_the_CDTThere are several reasons why we love the Appalachian Club, especially for volunteer vacations and outdoor conservation opportunities! This amazing outdoor club and conservation group provides absolutely excellent volunteer vacations, teen trail crews, custom crews, alpine stewards, and even adopt-a-trail opportunities throughout the East Coast Appalachian Trail region! With this club you get to "get out, get dirty, and give back" with such a wide variety of helping activities needing different helpers such as trail maintainers, trip leaders, and naturalists to web editors, treasurers, and event planners. This is the perfect chance to get some conservation service projects knocked out, a truly meaningful form of community service that gives back to Mother Nature.

Volunteer vacations can last anywhere from one day to one month and are offered year-round to a variety of different skill levels and specialties. They can be found in such places as the White Mountains, Delaware Water Gap, and even the Virgin Islands! These super fun mini vacations look for enthusiastic and willing students to help quite often, ones who are able to hike and do various strenuous work to help maintain and create new trails. The teenage crowd may enjoy the Teen Trail Crew instead, an opportunity to camp, backpack, and learn/improve on outdoor skills and leadership for volunteers within the age grouping of 14-19. This volunteer option for teens is broken into such crews as alpine, base, spike, woods, and leadership. Any way you choose to help out the Appalachian Club you won’t regret it, an amazing way to get outside, get active, and help out!

AST Appalachian Club Hotspots:

North Carolina