Aquarium of the Pacific


Located in beautiful Long Beach, Aquarium of the Pacific is southern California’s largest aquarium. With the mission of serving the Pacific Ocean and its majestic animals while inspiring and educating the public, Aquarium of the Pacific curates gorgeous interactive exhibits to put you up close to the ocean’s most incredible creatures. Meet sea lions, seals, penguins, sharks, shorebirds, and colorful exotic fish in nature exhibits. Experience the wonder of the ocean without ever having to leave dry land.  

Scientists have estimated that approximately 95 percent of the ocean is left undiscovered and 99 percent of the ocean’s floor. The ocean holds a curiosity for us as the final uncovered frontier left on earth. Discover what may lie beneath the waves and how scientists find new species in the Discover the Wonder and Ocean Exploration exhibits. Touch bonehead sharks, cownose rays, and horseshoe crabs, see exhibits featuring Guam kingfishers, Southern California steelhead, and more.

Visit the Molina Animal Care Center to see scientists and veterinarians treat and rehabilitate marine animals then go visit the healthy ones. Meet the animals of southern California and Baja in their own gallery, touch bonehead sharks in the Shark Lagoon and watch their tiger shark and zebra shark cousins from a distance, then have a lorikeet land on your head in the Australian coastal lowland exhibit.

Aquarium of the Pacific offers programs and events for groups of all ages. Adults are welcome to join in the many educational classes and special events such as a Latin-themed music night. Activities and programs are available for families, children, and educators as well. General groups may take behind-the-scenes tours to learn more about the animals and the mission of the aquarium to protect and serve the Pacific ocean.