Arcade Amusements Penny Arcade

More commonly known as the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade, Arcade Amusements is a local treasure that has one of the best collections of antique to current video games, pinball, skeeball, and coin rides in the whole nation. This arcade is actually a collection of a handful of different, older storefronts, half open-air and half enclosed. These multiple buildings hold around 200 games, making this a cultural and entertainment hot spot for locals, visitors, and kids and adults alike!

pinball-179631_1280Your group will see everything from classic Donkey Kong arcade games to antique Star Wars Pinball machines and present day Top Speed car races. One of the top attractions within this arcade is the skeeball rooms, the machines ranging from 1940s to the present, attracting thousands of visitors to the main building annually! While you are exploring the arcade, playing games to your heart's content, be sure to check out the photos above the games, giving you a quick and easy pictorial history of this building and those games in general.

This is the most fun and cheapest form of entertainment around, the most expensive games being only 25 cents! There is even a building toward the east end that houses games costing a penny to a dime. You can literally enjoy hours of fun for under a dollar! If you get here on a Monday you can head down the street for a free concert in the pavilion, or just hang around the iconic outside and munch on some cotton candy from the arcade!