Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum

Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum

Discover a rare, multi-sensory experience like no other at the Commemorative Air Force Airbase Arizona Museum.

Welcome to the Airbase Arizona Museum, one of the largest units of the world-wide Commemorative Air Force. (CAF). This Arizona unit was first established in 1978 at historic Falcon Field in Mesa and its first project was the complete restoration of a B-17 Flying Fortress named 'Sentimental Journey.' In over 40 years its rare warbird collection has grown to over 20 aircraft and exhibit floor has expanded with inspiring personal stories about some of the most critical moments in history. It is a true 'go-to for displays and rides in historic warplanes'.

During your group's visit to the Arizona Commemorative Air Force Museum, you will be able to immerse yourselves in 100 years of military aviation history among some of the most iconic aircraft of 2 world wars and other various smaller conflicts. Step back in time to events that changed the world as you examine original artifacts and hear personal stories of those involved in this history. Inside you will see 6 operating WWII aircraft, with examples from open bi-planes to the rarest bombers in the world. See the 1944 B-17G Bomber and F4 Phantom, plus many more.

The museum puts on several living history flights, the only combat aviation museum in Phoenix to offer such an immersive edu-venture thru history. Book a flight in an authentic warbird and learn how aircraft evolved as a vital partner to ground and sea operations during WWI and II. The docents will tell you nostalgic and inspirational stories as you walk thru the working hangar, climb aboard bombers and cargo planes and take to the sky!

Be sure to visit the gift shop before you go to pick up your own educational and inspiring souvenir or gift.