Arkansas Vietnam Veterans Memorial


Located on the southeast corner of the State Capitol grounds in Little Rock, stands the Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial. This memorial wall is dedicated to Arkansans who served in the Vietnam War and is inscribed with 662 names of those men considered KIAs or MIAs from the state. The whole structure is a semi-circle with metal plaques and a central statue. It is framed by the United States and Arkansas flags and is illuminated for night viewing as well. The memorial was dedicated in March of 1987, a ceremony attended by retired General Westmoreland, a local hero and living legend.

The Vietnam Veterans’ Memorial is believed to be the first Vietnam memorial to be placed on capitol grounds in the country, not just the state. The statue in the middle of the memorial is of a full-uniformed infantryman with his helmet in his left hand and his M16 Rifle in his right. The sculpture itself is bronze, and the base is marble. The base also is inscribed with the names of each United States military branch as an extra dedication. The base and walls of the entire structure are made of marble and granite, and all together it serves as an excellent reminder and memorial to the Arkansas men who served for our countries in the jungles of Vietnam.