U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal

U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal

For more than 55 years, Redstone has been the heart of the Army’s rocket and missile programs. “Team Redstone’s” mission is performing basic and advanced weapons system research and development, placing the right missile and aviation systems with our troops, and providing weapon systems, services, and supplies to our allies. These programs are available on a limited schedule and are subject to cancellation based on national security alerts.


Warfighter Technologies

With the continually changing needs of soldiers on the battlefield, there is a critical need to support them with new technology quickly. The Prototype Integration Facility (PIF) helps find solutions, engineers and develops those solutions into real hardware rapidly, and puts that technology into the hands of the warfighter. Student tours will have the opportunity to see from concept to evolution how the PIF supports our soldiers.

Helicopters, Missiles and Computer Games

Software Engineering Directorate (SED) is a recognized leader in supporting the acquisition, research, development, and sustainment of some of the Nation’s most sophisticated weapon systems. While visiting SED, students will have the opportunity to operate a variety of helicopter flight simulation systems including a Blackhawk and shoot a computer operated Stinger missile, as well as an M-16. This educational tour is only available for students 14 years and older.