Asher’s Chocolates


Asher's Chocolates

Asher’s Chocolates is the oldest continuously operated chocolate store in the United States, as well as your group's next stop during your fun Valley Forge Adventure. First established in 1892, Asher’s Chocolates is a family-owned and operated local Pennsylvania business that has been creating the finest chocolates and classic confections for over four generations. What began with Chester Asher and his simple chocolate recipe has continued on for over 100 years as one of the freshest and finest chocolate recipes in the state, maybe even the U.S.! While here you can see how it’s all made, as well as explore various gifts, chocolates, jelly belly's, and other various delicious chocolate covered sweet treats.

The Asher’s Chocolates company believes firmly in the old phrase that "one of life’s sweetest pleasures is a simple box of chocolates," which may be one of the reasons that Food Network and QVC has featured them and their popular product. Take a tour of the establishment and see a short movie about their production process, visit the Victorian Store onsite, and sample all the chocolate, treats, and information you can while here! You will see why this is considered one of the largest lines of sugar-free chocolates in the country (try the sugar-free pecan caramel bites before you go!), as well as get to sample and shop all the very best chocolate covered treats. Try the chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered potato chips, chocolate covered graham crackers, marshmallows, mints, and even peanut butter! Get ready to fill your stomach with all the sweets and sweet PA culture you can!