1-Day Gatlinburg Outdoor Getaway

Day 1 You'll See:   

This amazing one day getaway to Gatlinburg will show your group the very best of the mystic and beautiful Smoky Mountains, including cultural, historical, and ecological adventures you won't want to miss!


Log Cabin Pancakes - Log Cabin Pancakes is a simple, rustic restaurant in Gatlinburg that serves flapjacks and crepes fit to impress you, your taste buds, and your stomach! Open everyday from 7 am to 2 pm only, this breakfast paradise is a highly popular choice for both locals and tourists on early mornings or late lunches near the national park. At Log Cabin Pancakes you and your group will find country ham, biscuits and gravy, and an amazingly secret in-house Royale Sauce that only three people total know the recipe of (it's a thick and delicious cream cheese based sauce). The pancakes are large in both size and flavor here, and you can find them almost any way you want them! Try the old fashioned cakes, log cabin cornmeal, buckwheat, wild blueberry, orange pineapple, peach, pecan, spiced apple, or pigs in a blanket style cakes, crepes, and jacks while here, or perhaps just opt for delicious waffles or omelets!

Great Smoky Mountain National Park - The Great Smoky Mountain National Park is the most visited national park in all of America, and for good reason too! This gorgeous mountainous park straddles the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee, a sprawling landscape filled with lush forests, wildflowers, streams, rivers, waterfalls, and abundant scenic hiking trails. The entire park encompasses an impressive 815 square miles, most of those miles filled with the absolutely breathtaking Blue Ridge Mountains. This park also contains a significant segment of the Appalachian Trail, with a culture-filled history and local impact you will honestly have to see to believe. There are several different activities you and your group can do while visiting the national park, such as informative and scenic auto tours, biking, hiking, horseback riding, waterfall rappelling, general sightseeing, and even various daily offered workshops and classes. See for yourself why this magically mountainous place is world-renowned for the diversity of local flora and fauna, an unmatched temperate climate setting with over 17,000 documented species to date, with several more undiscovered or undocumented!

Roaring Fork Falls and Nature Trail - Roaring Falls is a mountain stream larger and faster than any other in the surrounding parkland, earning its apt name from the overflowing stream in the mountainous woodland. The stream lines the narrow and winding Roaring Fork Motor Nature Trail, the absolutely breathtaking 5.5 mile long one-way road that highlights the vistas of the surrounding forest and historic buildings. The various streams, old growth forest, log cabins, grist mills, and other historic buildings here along the motor trail and hiking trail-heads make this a favorite visitor side-trip in Gatlinburg. Take the trail-head at Rainbow Falls for a semi-strenuous 5.4 mile round trip to see one of the park’s most popular attractions, the massive cascading 80 foot falls, the highest in the park! Be sure to bring good hiking boots, plenty of water and sunscreen, and a camera to capture all the gorgeous Smoky Mountain moments along the way!

Big Daddy’s Pizzeria - There’s no doubt you’ve worked up an appetite by now with all that hiking and exploring, so head back to town and experience some of the absolute best pizza in the state from Big Daddy’s Pizzeria. This highly popular local chain specializes in wood-fired, thin crust pizza pies and serves them with soulful southern smiles in a casual setting. Big Daddy’s has three different local locations, any of which you will find "fresh ingredients, hand-crafted dough, and world class pizza," a truly winning combination for an unforgettable Tennessee dinner! Their 550 degree wood fired brick oven pays homage to the classic Neapolitan roots of pizza: crispy, thin, delicious.  A quick look through the menu will show you classics such as the Boo Boo Bomber (pepperoni), Cheese Pie, and Plain Pie, as well as some more intricate pies like the Mamma Mia, complete with provolone, salami, sausage, prosciutto, and peppers, and the Smoky Mountain Cheese Steak, with Yukon potatoes, Gorgonzola cheese and prime rib!

Ole Smoky Moonshine Distillery  - Get ready to explore up close and personal America’s most visited distillery, the Ole Smoky Mountain Moonshine Distillery. More tenderly known as The Holler, this signature historic Tennessee distillery gives a insight on a true moonshine experience, the Gatlinburg original distillery producing all of Ole Smokey’s signature flavors. Before you even enter the doors of this lively Parkway-bound distillery you will be able to smell the fermenting grains coming from the authentic working moonshine stills and see for yourself the entire process of production in motion, the establishment providing free tours daily. This is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions you may have and learn all about the history and lore of East Tennessee moon-shining. Hear stories of the "Appalachian born and bred" during your tour session and also how whiskey making was a way of survival in the tough economic past of the country, a mountain tradition that has evolved from hiding to bragging.

Gatlinburg Ghostwalk - If you are looking for a bit of excitement or thrill while in Gatlinburg look no further, the Appalachian Ghost Walk's Haunted History, Gatlinburg Ghostwalk has you covered! This trek through all the "history, mystery, and Smoky Mountain Adventure" you can handle in Gatlinburg will take you back in time to the hardships of the local homesteaders, providing you with a quick glance at those who settled this town early in the 1800s. Learn all about the times between the settlement and the town’s incorporation in 1945, as well as about the rich Native American heritage and early pioneers who paved the old frontier trails. This is one seriously informative, and spooky, city tour! Hear local lore mixed with fastidious facts about the former actress haunting guests, Cherokee Indian burial grounds within the misty hills, and just early settlement history in general. This is real history at its best!