2-Day 1000 Islands Tour

lake-champlain-348308_1920Day 1 You'll See:

  • Hawkins Point Visitor Center
  • Frederic Remington Art Museum
  • Uncle Sam Boat Tours

Day 2 You’ll See:

  • Clayton Island Tours
  • Antique Boat Museum
  • Village of Sackets Harbor


The 1000 Islands Region of the gorgeous Adirondacks provides the best in scenery, landmarks, and historic opportunities! The rustic fall foliage and sparkling snow and ice here attracts visitors from far and wide, each interested in the landscape, bodies of water, and living history all around. Take a fun, glass-bottomed boat tour, visit an authentic colonial village, or spend the afternoon exploring the Antique Boating Museum. This quick 2-day tour of the islands is the perfect way to be introduced to this breath-taking area, learn something, and have tons of fun!


Day 1

Hawkins Point Visitor Center - The Frank S. McCullough, Jr. Hawkins Point Visitors Center provides energy-related science exhibits and an excellent observation deck for your group as an introduction to the Adirondack regions. Here your group will see panoramic views of the St. Lawrence River alongside state-of-the-art and hands-on exhibits. There are tons of opportunities to learn about energy in a fun setting, just hop on a bicycle generator and turn pedal power into electricity! You can also do hair-raising experiments with static electricity using the Van de Graaff generator! If you are going to hike, bike, or fish around here take advantage of the audiovisual terrain map, which maps the course of the Mighty Lawrence from Ogdensburg to here in Massena. The Hawkins Point Visitor Center is the perfect place to catch up on the regional history, learn about energy, and take in the absolute best views of the forest, lake, and Eisenhower Power Dam!

Frederic Remington Art Museum - Welcome to the Frederic Remington Art Museum, a museum dedicated to the collection, exhibition, preservation, and interpretation of the art and archives of Frederic Remington. Located in Ogdensburg, in a historic house built in 1810, this art museum works to foster appreciation and understanding of the artist through education of visual arts and context of Remington and his time, as well as through hands-on activities throughout the museum. Inside your group will explore a comprehensive collection of original paintings, sketches, sculptures, and personal effects of Frederic Remington! Inside the Albert Priest Newell Gallery, your group can see the most popular sculptures and oil paintings from the artist. Take part in self-guided tours, school tours, gallery talks, or educational and demonstrative workshops!

Uncle Sam Boat Tours - Uncle Sam Boat Tours provides the finest sightseeing cruises, Boldt Castle Shuttle, Lunch and Dinner cruises, and private charters in the Thousand Island District. The most popular tour the company provides is the Two Nation Tour. This tour lasts about 2 ¼ hours, a narrated international tour offering historic information and scenic wonders of both the United States and Canadian waters. This tour ends with an optional stop at the Castle Boldt on the heart of the island, as well as an optional lunch buffet. The buffet includes chicken, pasta and meatballs, deli meats and cheeses, and fresh fruit! There is also the one hour tour, a quick highlight of the American Channel, the vacation spot for wealthy aristocrats in the early 19th century. Whichever tour you decide to take, you will have a blast spending a day touring the castles, natural beauty, and remarkable sites of the Adirondacks.


Day 2

Clayton Island Tours - The Clayton Island Tours run every year from May to September along the peaceful and gorgeous border of Northern New York and Southern Ontario. Your group will explore the mysteries of the secret island treasures, the wonder of the elaborate castles, get an underwater view of the sea life, and gain exclusive knowledge with these budget savvy tours (even your pocketbook will be happy!). The Rock Island Lighthouse - Glass Bottom Boat cruise is one of the most exciting and unique tours offered in the entire state, a touring vessel with a translucent, glass floor! View the exciting and busy underwater life down below or the historical towers and buildings on the land above. There is also the Boldt Castle Two Nation tour, which will take you along the international shoreline to show you castles, homes, history, and folklore. Your group is really going to enjoy this maritime adventure around these spectacular islands!

Antique Boat Museum - To collect, preserve, study, and interpret objects related to freshwater nautical history of small water craft (less than 100 feet) within the northern region is the goal of the Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, NY. This museum serves as the premier freshwater nautical museum in North America, and contains galleries with over 300 unique and well-preserved boats. There are over thousands of recreational boating artifacts within as well, in a large gallery of 4.5 acres total. While exploring this fun, blue star museum your group can take part in speed boat rides, boat shows, educational programs, special events, or just a good tour around the grounds. Check out such interactive attractions and exhibits as The Perfect Canoe, Oar Else!, Quest for Speed, or the National Boat Show exhibit. You will easily see why the Antique Boat Museum is number one in the preservation of American maritime heritage!

Village of Sackets Harbor - The Village of Sackets Harbor is nestled deep within the Black River Bay, a beloved New York Heritage site. Overlooking the scenic Lake Ontario, this community provides year round activities that are fun for the whole family. Your group will encounter exceptional historic attractions, beautiful tree-lined streets, and a town full of opportunity to discover unique history, charming architecture, and cultural activities. Sackets Harbor is a truly stunning location any time of the year, especially in the raining down of rustic fall foliage and crackling of the sparkling snow and ice. Your group will have many options of things to do, such as browse the many retail and antique shops, participate in fine or casual dining, stay at a charming hotel or authentic bed and breakfast, or participate in any of the many outdoor recreation activities. Fish, bike, hike, boat, canoe, power sail, picnic, golf, or swim the afternoon away after you visit the famous battlefield site and military cemetery!