2-Day City Landmarks of Winnipeg

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

This easy-breezy weekend Winnipeg adventure will take your group to 5 of the city's most iconic attractions, from the cottage at Kildonan Park to new dining experiences at The Forks!



Day 1

Kildonan Park

Walk among some of the oldest and largest trees in Manitoba as you explore all of Kildonan Park's amenities, such as the olympic-sized swimming pool, kid's play structures, picnic areas, onsite eatery, duck pond, soccer field, and more. Some of the guest's favorites here at the park include the Peguis Pavilion, Rainbow Stage, and Witch's Hut, the latter a popular Hansel and Gretel cottage recreation.

The Manitoba Museum

This massive museum features exhibits on planetary and human history with bones, dioramas, and an onsite planetarium. It is renowned for its vivid portrayal of Manitoba's rich and diverse history, featuring 9 main interpretive galleries that allow you to travel back millions of years and journey through the rugged landscape of Manitoba. The galleries are set up to have you venture the land from North to South, moving from the icy arctic to the windswept prairies. The 3-D walk through the galleries will certainly keep you intrigued and entertained the entire way!

Exchange District

Welcome to Winnipeg's Exchange District, the cultural hub located on 20 city blocks in the heart of downtown. This National Historic Site was first founded in 1881, playing a big part in the city's key economic role in expanding to the west. Today the district features several restaurants, boutiques, theatres, galleries, museums, and more. It is considered to be 'one of the most iconic and vibrant neighborhoods in Winnipeg'!

Day 2

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Welcome to the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the early 21st-century museum that focuses on Canadian and International human rights issues. The museum is housed in a landmark building designed by Antoine Predock with a cutting edge design featuring curving lines and bold geometry, the striking glass exterior sometimes called the 'glass cloud' made of 1,335 custom pieces of glass. This is 'the only museum entirely devoted to human rights for all', first established in 2000 by philanthropist Israel Asper.

The Forks

Welcome to Winnipeg's foremost destination, The Forks. This year-round historic landmark sees over 4 million visitors each year, the attraction a large riverside community hub featuring shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation activities. The various buildings and greenspaces you will see during your visit were all built on an old abandoned railyard, with numerous buildings repurposed wonderfully while still keeping the historic integrity intact.