2-Day Leaf Peeping on the Coast

Whiteface Mountain, Adirondacks, New YorkDay 1 You'll See: Cloudsplitter Gondola Rides

  • Whiteface Mountain
  • Adirondack Chocolates
  • Living Goods Restaurant and Brewery

Day 2 You’ll See:

  • Downtown Plattsburgh
  • Elf’s Farm Winery and Cider House
  • Parker's Family Maple Farm

Prepare yourselves for a genuinely fun and gorgeous two-day adventure along the Adirondack Coast. On this short getaway your group will get all the best sights, sounds, and smells of the Adirondack coastal region, stopping at the most popular attractions and eateries along the way. Ride through the clouds on a mountaintop gondola, ski on the same mountain the Olympic athletes do, and spend your evening tasting the finest chocolates in Adirondack. Your group will love the quaint shops of downtown Plattsburgh, as well as the local apple cider and maple syrup of which you will get to taste!



Cloudsplitter Gondola Rides - It’s like a bird’s eye view - in flight! This is exactly the thought your group is going to have as you sail along the sweet summer sky in this Whiteface Mountain Cloudsplitter Gondola. This 8-person gondola takes you from the main base lodge to the top of Little Whiteface in just 15 minutes, showcasing the beauty of the Adirondacks while getting you where you need to go quickly and efficiently. Trace the mountain contours, soar over streams, see the many exciting ski jumps and trails, steep rock faces, and thick forests as you make your relaxing way up the side of the mountain. On your way you will see Lake Placid, Lake Champlain, and the tallest peaks in the state! Once to the top your group will have the opportunity to take advantage of the observation deck and picnic area. The Cloudsplitter Gondola is a fun way to climb while taking in the best views of the mountain, a relaxing yet simultaneously breathtaking experience that lets you immerse yourself into the surrounding nature of chirping birds and hidden wildflowers!

Whiteface Mountain - Welcome to Whiteface Mountain, the Olympic Mountain that serves as the biggest, best, and boldest place to ski around New York. The top of Whiteface Mountain is like the top of Northeast skiing, there is no ski mountain in the east that reaches higher than this one. While you are here you will have to take advantage of the many recreational activities regardless of the season, such as the popular Adventure Zone, Cloudsplitter Gondola Rides, Veteran Memorial Highway, Alpine Expeditions, mountain biking, yoga on the mountain, disc golf, or any of the many 90-minute nature treks and hikes. This mountain trail is Olympic athletic glory personified, the greatest vertical drop in the east that hosts many major national and international skiing events. Here you can carve turns just as the world’s best racers do and visit the Olympic complexes as well. This is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts, world-class athletes, vacationers, and slope and ice riders of all sorts!

Adirondack Chocolates - No, you have not died and gone to heaven, you’re just at Adirondack Chocolates, or sometimes called the Candy Man Homemade Chocolates. This chocoholics paradise has experienced 35 years of fine chocolates, serving locals and tourists alike some of the most creative and delicious indulgences since 1977. This shop is located near the base of Whiteface Mountain in Wilmington Village with another location at Lake Placid. Here they have been hand making small batches daily to ensure quality and freshness since the beginning, using the finest natural ingredients and all original recipes the whole way. Indulge yourself in the many heavenly smelling samples while here or peruse the product and gift shop sections. Try the almond bark, hand dipped pretzels, almond butter-crunch, coconut or mint chocolate covered patties, turtles, or cherry cordials. Adirondack Chocolates has great service, fantastic deserts, and the best atmosphere around the region!

Living Goods Restaurant and Brewery - Welcome to Livingoods Restaurant and Brewery, the best place on the mountain base to find "good food, great beer, good people, and great times"! This eatery and bar got its fitting namesake from the Livingood family, the family whose business ventures started this establishment. This top-notch home brewery features plenty of house-made beers, tons of delicious and locally made dinner and lunch specials, and arguably the best bar and pub vibe around the region.While here your group can take a tour of the brewery, visit the tasting room, explore the special function venue space, or check out any of the regularly scheduled live music performances. Take a look at the mouth-watering menu, full of unique and fantastically delicious sounding entrees such as the Pasta Bruschetta, Blue and Black New York Strip, Mean Green Pizza, Cajun Tuna Wrap, or any of the 7 Deadly Burgers, juicy burgers aptly named after the 7 deadly sins. Your group is really going to enjoy your dinner, drinks, and delicious fun here at Livingoods!



Downtown Plattsburgh - Plattsburgh is one of New York’s North Country cornerstones, a small town in Clinton County that sits along the coast of the historic Lake Champlain. Plattsburgh is home to world-class bass fishing, several gorgeous natural attractions, it’s own sea creature legend, a marina, beach and picnic areas, recreation trails, boat launches, and the most quaint restaurants and shops in the downtown area. Downtown Plattsburgh is surrounded by mountain peaks reaching heights of 5,000 feet aside Lake Champlain, making it a truly picturesque location! While exploring downtown your group will have the chance to visit many of the fun shops, including A New Leaf, Champlain Centre North, Plattsburgh Consumer Square, and Maui North Ski Shop. After you’ve shopped till you drop head over to the many fine and casual dining options from Blue Collar Bistro and the exotic Himalaya Restaurant to Latitude 44 Grill and Quiche et Crepa. You should also be sure to save time to visit the nearby War of 1812 Museum, an excellent homage to the Forgotten War that will give your group a small yet fun history lesson while here!

Elf’s Farm Winery and Cider House - The Frey family works diligently day to day to produce locally grown grape, fruit, and apple wines here at Elf's Farm Winery and Cider House. This small family farm and home to the Adirondack Cider Company is located in Plattsburgh along the Adirondack Coast. Your group will have a chance to enjoy the tasting room, a gorgeous room with a gorgeous outdoor patio that allows you unhindered views of the grapes growing on the vine. You will also have the chance to visit the product and gift shops, featuring classic Adirondack gifts, regional clothes, kits and supplies for home brewery, and of course, Elf's Farm products. Choose between the many quality, locally-crafted wines, premium hard ciders, or various cold-climate wines. There are several regularly scheduled events, such as Friday Night Wine Downs, featuring local live music. Before you go be sure to say hi to Mac and Tosh, the two dogs that serve as a team of winery greeters, leaders in playtime, and apple quality control specialists!

Parker Family Maple Farm -  The Parker Family Maple Farm is a five generation family farm in West Chazy, New York. Established in 1889, this maple farm is located on the edge of the Adirondack Mountains, a strikingly picturesque location. Parker Family Maple Farm will provide your group with prompt, quality service with a family touch on your visit, a refreshingly personal business. While here your group can explore the 45-cow dairy farm, a 18,000 tap maple operation, and 700 acres of farm land. Enjoy the extremely fun gift shop, full of decorative bottles and jugs, maple cream products, and pure maple sugar products. This farm is very well-known for their fun gift baskets as well, including such classics as the bread basket, breakfast basket, and maple variety basket, the latter full of things such as maple hot chocolate, maple jelly, maple candles, maple scented soaps, and pancake mixes. Enjoy this opportunity to get completely mapled-up!