2-Day OC History

Angel Stadium AST

Angel Stadium AST

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*Note: We can easily add Day 3 at either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure as a reward for your student group!

While Disney is an integral part of both Anaheim and Orange County’s history, economy, and culture, it is important during your student trip to look beyond Disney and into the root of the county itself. With this two day history tour around Anaheim you will explore the oldest, most influential, and most intriguing spots outside of (and including) Disney!


Anaheim Packing District - History, culture and seriously excellent cuisine await your group at the Anaheim Packing District, a historic landmark first opened in 1919. Today this busy Anaheim hotspot serves as an upscale food court and commercial gathering place, a newer yet highly influential part of Anaheim’s downtown. While the food court part of this site is new, the site itself is anything but, seeing its beginnings in 1919 when this area was opened up as a commercial and trading hub, mostly for oranges and other citrus fruits. The historic packing plants in this area tell the story of Anaheim’s economy, cultural roots, and natural landscape, as well as give a good clue as to how this particular spot is still so popular today.Throughout the district, you will find over 20 artisan eateries, including several spots that will fit all budgets and culinary palettes. Try Rolling Boil, a popular hot pot spot serving locally fresh ingredients, or perhaps Orange Tei for some sushi and ramen!

Anaheim Colony Historic District - There are a total of 5 different, completely distinct historic districts throughout Anaheim, the very first one dedicated in the city going by the name of the Anaheim Colony Historic District. Not only is the very first historic district dedicated, it is also hands down the largest in Anaheim. Taking up 1.8 square miles, this 1997 adopted district has set boundaries matching the original German Colony Founded here in 1857. There are over 1,000 qualified historic structures within the district, technically bounded by North, South, East, and West Streets along Anaheim Boulevard. Your group should aim to set aside an hour or two here, exploring the first store, first school, first homes, early saloons, fashion stables, citrus packing plants, Pearson Park, and Kroeger-Melrose District. If you some extra time to kill plan a picnic here or head over to the Citrus Belt Land area, where you can learn about the process of cleaning, marking, grading, packing, recording, and shipping the local oranges across the nation!

Angel Stadium - Welcome to Angel Stadium, baseballs 4th oldest active Major League Baseball Stadium in history! In line behind Fenway, Wrigley Field, and Dodger Stadium, this highly popular original Anaheim stadium used to go by the name of Edison International Field of Anaheim, a modernly designed stadium statement sitting along Gene Autry Way. This stadium was built after the famous 1965 Angels move from Los Angeles, since then hosting the 1967, 1989, and 2010 Major League Baseball All-Star games. The Big A (this stadium’s unofficial nickname) offers a seriously ‘enjoyable and educational’ behind the scenes tour to learn much more in depth about the stadium and teams history and local influence, as well as see usually public restricted sites around the stadium. If your group is here for an actual game and not just a tour buckle up for one exciting Angels athletics adventure, a great way to spend an evening visiting Anaheim! Cheer on the Escober and Santiago during the big game and then head over to any of the amazing eateries onsite such as Angel Wings, Home Plate Grill, or the Broken Bat Club.



Santa Ana Zoo - If your travel group is looking for something a little wilder than Disney while in Cali then hit the road and head 20 miles to Santa Ana, home of the popular Santa Ana Zoo! Santa Ana Zoo is a 20-acre wildlife wonderland located in Prentice Park, an area that ‘focuses on the animals and plants of Central and South America’. This Chestnut Avenue treasure sees just over 270,000 people through its gates annually, a really impressive, and steady, following of fans and curious kids since 1952.Enjoy such exhibits as the Jack Lynch Aviary, South American Yard, Treetops, Tierra de las Pampas, Amazon’s Edge, Australian Yard, Tropical Rainforest, and Elephant Pavilion. There is also a Children’s Petting Zoo, Crean Family Farm, Mini Train ride, barnyard, and even a specially themed endangered species carousel!There are over 350 animals here, representing over 80 different species, making this a truly amazing place to learn and observe.

Downtown Disney District - As we mentioned before, Disney is truly a huge part of this area’s history, which is why we have included a shopping and entertainment stop at Downtown Disney District, an outdoor shopping center in the Disneyland Resort area was created in 2001, a truly great addition to the already entertaining area. The outlets here sit along a lively promenade lined with ‘distinctive eateries, unique shops, and exciting entertainment.’ Retail-wise, you will find 23 shops total offering everything from Ana + Elsa’s Boutique to the World of Disney, with a few fan favorites in between such as the Lego Store and Ride Makerz. For dinner you can enjoy several different options, both venue and cuisine wise. Open-air cafes, after-hours night clubs, and plenty of sit down casual eateries will make up your choices, including Mediterranean, American, Italian, Cajun, and Mexican cuisine throughout! Ready for some entertainment? Enjoy live music, club dancing, and popular movie theater options, the area holding the popular AMC Downtown Disney 12, ESPN Zone, and Ralph Brennan's Jazz Kitchen.