2-Day Tupper Lake Tour

lake-989044_1920Day 1 You'll See:

  • Natural History Museum of Adirondacks
  • Saranac Lake

Day 2 You’ll See:

  • Blue Mountain Lake
  • Adirondack Museum

This short, 2-day tour of the Tupper Lake region of the Adirondacks is the perfect quick peek at all the most beautiful and picturesque spots in the Adirondacks. On this trip your group will see four different locations that paint the most gorgeous picture of the region, from Saranac Lake to Blue Mountain Lake, two of the most popular sites for outdoor recreation, village shopping, and photogenic sightseeing. Take in the history and geographical information of this region at the Natural History Museum and Adirondack Museum, two of the most comprehensive information sources on the entire Northern region!



Natural History Museum of Adirondacks - The Wild Center, or more officially named the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks, was created in 1998 with the goal of educating guests of the complicated relationship they share with the earth. This large museum sits on an 81-acre site in Tupper Lake, New York, near the geographic center of the region of the Adirondacks. The actual Wild Center contains an impressive collection of science-based exhibits and programs designed to look at the relationship between men and nature. The award-winning center holds all of these exhibits, trails, a river and pond, multimedia shows, and many hands-on experiences. Be sure to check out the only elevated trail across the high treetops in all of New York, the Wild Walk, as well as the aquarium exhibits featuring river otters and other various New York fish. Take part in a self-guided or Notch Above Tour while here to get the full experience, and also take advantage of the Waterside Cafe full of delicious and local food and drink.

Saranac Lake - Get ready for a great time in the Adirondacks' coolest place, the Saranac Lake. This location is nestled between the villages of Lake Placid and Tupper Lake and is known as the largest village in the entire Adirondacks region.Here your group can see crystal clear blue lakes, extraordinary and rugged peaks, and some of the most talked about fall foliage around the North. Here you can ski, snowshoe, fish, hike, golf, ride horses, bird, paddle, and do countless other outdoor recreation opportunities that will remind you that you’re on vacation! Once here your group will see that this area has over 100 lakes, an arts community, live music venues, village tours, and various museums such as the Wildlife Museum and Local Museum, all providing lively and entertaining things for your group to do. There are annual festivals that draw in quite the crowd, such as the Saranac Lake Winter Carnival that lasts 10 days each February, as well!


Blue Mountain Lake - Welcome to Blue Mountain Lake, the rural hamlet in Indian Lake Village that provides classic and rustic ambiance as one of the crown jewels of the Adirondacks. At this breathtakingly gorgeous spot you will find arts, shops, eateries, and several guided boat tour options. The scenic drives, tours, hiking trails, and wildlife viewing opportunities are astoundingly picturesque, so be sure you bring your camera here! Here at Blue Mountain Lake is the practically endless opportunities for outdoor adventure, this area being a paddlers and fishers paradise. You can angle, kayak, boat, swim, bird, hike, climb, or photograph your day away here without giving it a second thought. Minutes away at the Hudson River Gorge you can also take part in the Class III and IV rapids, making this the ultimate thrill yet ultimate relaxation stop on your Adirondack trips! Be sure to fill up your stomach before you leave this area, the village boasting some of the best local eateries with the freshest foods!

Adirondack Museum -Welcome to one of the largest museums in upstate New York, a gorgeously placed museum with a Blue Mountain behind it and the mirror-like Blue Mountain Lake below. This vast campus provides 22 modern exhibition galleries and historic buildings, as well as many lush grounds and sweeping views. The exhibits tell the unique story of the Adirondack region and its people, deepening the regional appreciation of locals and tourists alike. The transformation from mineral and lumber resource to recreational vacation getaway is detailed throughout many indoor and outdoor activities great for the family and children! Once here your group will see the artifacts that represent community life from this region, historical documents that tell how people live, work, and play on the landscape. There are over 30,000 objects, 70,000 photos, 9,511 books, and 800 pages of original manuscript. Before you go head over to the Museum Store for great local products such as many books, mugs, and even local maple syrup! The Lake View Cafe is also a great stop, serving up soup,salad, sandwiches, and scenic views galore.