2-Day Virginia Beach Educational Journey

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

Are you ready for an educational journey like no other? Well saddle up, we’re heading to Virginia Beach, class!


Cape Henry Lighthouse - Very near to the ‘first landing spot’ of English settlers in 1607, the still-standing sentinel brick lighthouse is a shining beacon in the sea of American history. Located on the army base of Fort Story, George Washington commissioned this lighthouse in 1772 and it has since lived on to provide a century of guiding light to the merchant and government boats traveling through the Chesapeake to larger ports. After being condemned as unusable for cracks in the wall and lantern oil-soaked steps, a new Cape Henry Lighthouse was built across from it, this time made of iron. Still in commission today by the U.S. Coast Guard, this lighthouse is private, but a great view of it can be seen from the windows of the original lighthouse. Views of the army base, the forest on which it sits, and the beautiful Virginia Beach oceanfront are all accessible from this well-preserved piece of history, as well as an educational opportunity that dates back to America’s roots.

MOCA Virginia Beach - Welcome to MOCA Virginia Beach, the area’s only Museum of Contemporary Art. Located on Parks Avenue near the popular tourist Oceanfront Resort, this museum features permanent and regularly changing exhibits ranging from paintings and sculptures to photographs and art classes. Groups typically spend around 2-3 hours exploring this art hot spot, open from 10 am to 5 pm. One of the greatest things about sending your group here is the excellent Exhibitions and Education Department. Basically, this department provides some of the finest group tour and class opportunities, lectures, films, and student-teacher programming. Save time to see the Dale Chihuly and Matt Lively sections, as well as the outdoor sculptures and District mural panels throughout.

Dolphin Cruise - With arguably the absolute best location Virginia Beach has to offer, Rudee Tours allow visitors to get up close and personal with dolphins using its wide array of sea-faring vessels that travel in and out of the Rudee Inlet. Located in the only inlet like it on the East Coast, boats such as the most popular Rudee Flipper will take you to the best dolphin sighting areas as close as 3 minutes away from its dock. During a tour, any aquatic aficionado or thrill-seeking vacationer can enjoy 90 minutes of narrated travel in which all of the seas experienced staff will answer any questions you may have about the boat, the area, or most importantly, the dolphins. Rudee Tours are so sure that you will see a dolphin during one of their 5 daily tours (every day between Memorial Day and Labor Day) that they will refund your money for the visit and set you up for another tour immediately.


Virginia Aquarium - The Virginia Aquarium is located right off of the Rudee Inlet, in Virginia Beach. This is certainly the perfect spot for excellent marine life diversity. Here at this spectacular aquarium, you will explore tanks of over 800,000 gallons full of vibrant animal life, the entire complex considered to be one of the best aquariums and animal habitats in the entire country. Enjoy plenty of fun hands-on exhibits, nature paths, and marshland adventures while here, as well as the always fun Adventure Park, a zip-liner's paradise. Children will love the Smokey the Bear interaction, Mermaid Mondays, and Big Screen Saturdays, and everyone will enjoy the Sea Adventures, National Geographic 3D Theater, Big Science exhibits, and food and shopping opportunities.  Here you will encounter two full gift shops providing the best educational gifts and toys, as well as the scenic Aquarium Cafe, Otter Snack Bar, and Theater Snack Bar.

Eco-Wildlife Safari - Get ready to explore an ‘undiscovered world’ at Back Bay Nature Refuge, one of the most popular and most scenic spots to experience the more natural side of Virginia Beach. Here at Back Bay, you can experience one of the most insightful nature exploration opportunities in the area, the popular Eco-Wildlife Safari! Embark on your journey with a 5 miles train ride to the scenic wild during the safari, many chances to spot deer, fox, bobcat, and coyotes along the way. The wild spots will show you local history in the various shipwrecks, early life remnants, and seemingly frozen in time wilderness areas throughout. Collect seashells, see marsh birds and ghost crabs, and even have an amazing picnic lunch from local Black Angus Grille. The entire experience will take about 3 to 4 hours and can hold groups of 10-20 at one time.