3-Day Fort Lauderdale Getaway

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Day 2 You'll See:

Day 3 You'll See:

Soak up all the sun, surf, and sand you can with this 3-day beach-filled Fort Lauderdale itinerary, each day filled with all the most fun local attractions and beaches available!


Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier

Welcome to the Deerfield Beach International Fishing Pier, the 976-foot' crowning jewel' of Deerfield Beach. Thousands of visitors and fishers visit this seaside hotspot annually, each eager to catch their fair share of local fish such as King Mackerel, Pompano, Snapper, Barracuda, and Blue Fish. Your group can rent fishing rods and buy some tackle if you are interested in fishing, or you can simply walk along the boardwalk and enjoy the scenery!

Deerfield Beach

At Deerfield Beach, you’ll get all the sunshine, soft sand, and salty surf you can, all while surrounded by some seriously scenic views on each side. There are seemingly endless options for fun both in and out of the water here, the beach actually considered to be Fort Lauderdale’s ‘northernmost award-winning cove-like beach’. Enjoy such activities as sand volleyball, sandcastle building, surfing, body sailing, swimming, seashell collecting, or inter-coastal waterway boating. You can take a glass-bottom boat tour, get your tan on the beach, or fish off the famous Deerfield Pier. Outside of the immediate beach area, you can also rent a few bikes to explore the area, or perhaps get some tickets for Ski Rixen, one of the first American cable water ski parks!

Barefoot Mailman Statue

This quick stop is quite the interesting one, the Barefoot Mailman Statue providing an interesting local history tidbit we guarantee your group didn't know about before! Head over to Hillsboro Beach and you will soon see this 10-foot tall statue that pays tribute to James Ed Hamilton, a local legend. Hamilton was one of 11 barefoot mailmen who carried mail along the beaches between Palm Beach and Miami in the late 1800s, though he disappeared near the inlet in 1887. Some believe he was eaten by alligators during his route! Check out the granite 'tombstone' behind the statue before moving on to the lighthouse and park!

Hillsboro Lighthouse and Park

Visit one of the oldest structures in Broward County this afternoon, the Hillsboro Lighthouse and Park making an excellent addition to any Fort Lauderdale itinerary! Both unbeatable scenic views and unbeatable local history await at the top of Hillsboro Lighthouse, just climb the 175 stairs to the top and enjoy! Note that flip flops are not allowed when climbing the tower and that a short boat ride along the Intracoastal Waterway is needed to get to the structure.

Indian Mound Park

Pompano Beach's Indian Mound Park is one of the most interesting local history hotspots, this park holding a 100 foot wide, 7-foot tall oval burial mound holding the remains of around 100 Tequesta Indians. The site is over 1,000 years old and was first excavated in 1938, the artifacts found sent to either the Florida Museum of Natural History or the Smithsonian.


Anglin's Fishing Pier

Pay a visit to another highly popular local fishing pier, Anglin's Fishing Pier! This historic (1963) pier allows fishermen to catch sub-tropical fish such as Snapper, Snook, and Blue Runners, as well as some seasonal visitors like the Mackerel, Cobia, and Blue Fish. Stop at the shop and cafe on the pier and pick up any bait you may need, souvenirs, or snacks. Enjoy lunch (or breakfast, in your case) at a shaded picnic table while here, or simply enjoy a scenic stroll along the pier with your group.

Taylor Birch State Park

Your group will be able to enjoy 180 acres of natural southern Florida scenery here at Taylor Birch State Park, known as Fort Lauderdale's own 'Central Park'. Explore the various mangrove trails, take a boat along the Intracoastal Waterway, or take part in any ranger-led walk or interpretive tour during your visit, or perhaps settle in for a nice picnic or camping experience!

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens 

End your second day with an exploration of the Bonnet House Museum & Gardens, the local history hotspot that features an artsy interior and lush exterior that work together to represent Southern Florida and its inhabitants. Learn all about the homes past residents, Frederic Bartlett and Bonnet Lily within the 1920's plantation-era home, and then step outside and learn all about the native barrier island habitat the house sits on.


Dania Beach

Dania Beach is a small seaside city located in Broward County, sandwiched right in between Fort Lauderdale and Hollywood. Within this town, your group can visit the fishing pier, enjoy beach recreation, sample local dining options, visit nature centers, or pay a special visit to the popular local casino and Jai-alai Clubhouse, or art galleries (Wiener Museum of the Decorative Arts and Fine Arts Gallery at Broward Community College).

Nyberg-Swanson House

The Nyberg-Swanson house is an excellent history-filled addition to your itinerary, this historic home in Dania Beach providing insight on what life was like in Southern Florida in the early 1900s. Learn all about original owners Nyberg and John Swanson, then learn about the incredible colonial revival architectural features throughout the home, which was first built in 1912.

Fort Lauderdale beach morning sunrise in Florida USA palm trees