3-Day Hershey History and PA Culture

Day 1 You'll See:

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Day 3 You’ll See:

**Depends on theater season

Hershey PA is about much more than theme parks and chocolate samples, it is also about culture and a history richer than Milton S. Hershey's chocolate itself, and it's entirely worth it for student groups looking for fun and facts!


Hershey Story Museum - To learn all about Hershey, both the town and the man, from conception until today, you need to come to the Hershey Story Museum. Here at the museum, you will have several hands-on exhibits, experiences, and educational extras that will help you understand all there is to understand the man behind the chocolate madness. This attraction is perfect for guests of any age, the exhibits ranging from kid-friendly to highly informative. Each exhibit and experience go in-depth into the history of the over 100-year famous chocolate legacy, emphasizing Milton S. Hershey’s journey from a young, at times failing, entrepreneur to a famous chocolate mogul.

Hershey’s Chocolate World - Welcome to Hershey’s Chocolate World, one of the most iconic chocolate locations in the U.S.This flagship brand name chocolate and sweets store is filled with candy, gifts, and memorabilia, a fun stop that will show you the ‘many wonders of chocolate’. While here you can take part in the Great American Chocolate Tour, 4D Chocolate Mystery, the Create your own Chocolate Bar experience, and even a chocolate tasting. There is also an onsite bakery, food court, gift shop, and a Trolley tour!

Great American Chocolate Tour- Within Hershey’s Chocolate World your group will have the unique opportunity to experience Hershey’s Great American Chocolate Tour, a delicious and free simulated factory ride complete with free chocolate samples (and who doesn’t like free chocolate?). During the tour, you will follow the journey of chocolate making, from bean to bar. See cocoa beans being transformed into Hershey’s iconic chocolate bars and taste samples of the product along the way.

Hershey Theatre - Welcome to Hershey Theatre, the regal, fun, and historic performing arts center that attracts guests far and wide! This is another brainchild of Milton S. Hershey, the chocolate magnate wanting to create something beautiful for the community in the early 20th century. The feat to build the ‘Community Center Building’ was a part of the Great Building Campaign of the Great Depression, this particular theatre finished in 1933. The theatre holds 1904 seats, the perfect spot for your large (or small) group to see popular touring musicals, plays, live music, and classic films while on vacation in Hershey.


Hersheypark - All the chocolate-themed family fun you can handle awaits you at Hersheypark, the Milton S. Hershey brainchild that provides you with ‘all things cocoa’, and all things fun. Ride rides, play games, eat great food, watch a live show, or even play in a live show, the options for fun here are incredibly expansive. There is even a seasonal summer Boardwalk water park to cool off in! Ride one of the thirteen coasters, from the Cocoa Cruiser to Skyrush, play the carnival-style games, meet the costumed characters, or go gift shopping!


ZooAmerica - Welcome to ZooAmerica, the 11-acre walk-through zoo that allows guests to immerse themselves into North American wildlife! Also known as the North American Wildlife Park, this zoo holds over 200 animals representing the 5 regions of the country, the regions including Eastern Woodland, Southern Swamps, Northlands, Big Sky Country, and the Great Southwest. From Mountain Lions to Reindeer, Black Bears to Armadillos, ZooAmerica will provide your group with a truly biologically insightful (and fun) journey through North America’s wildlife.

Indian Echo Caverns - A more natural outing choice for your Hershey journey is Indian Echo Caverns, a great option to slow down for a moment and enjoy your natural surroundings within the area. This limestone cavern collection is located in Derry Township, just 8 miles from Hershey itself. The caverns offer a 45-minute guided tour, the tour providing a historical exploration and geology lesson all in one. Not only will you get an immersive tour in the 52-degree cavern system, but you will also have the opportunity to mine at the gem mill on the property, shop for rare minerals and educational toys within the gift shop, and even enjoy a playground and goat petting zoo outside.

Lancaster Dutch County - Welcome to Lancaster County, the Pennsylvania Dutch Country that is popularly known as the oldest Amish settlement in the U.S, as well as the 2nd largest Amish settlement in the world. This historic yet still functioning farm and faith spot is a living testament to the Amish, Mennonite, Brethren, and ‘Plain People’ who live here, as well as their history and culture. Your group can fall back into the days of horse and buggies, no electricity, and no telephones, as the Amish choose to still live this way today. Your group will be able to experience this up close and personal with any homestead tours or exhibits, bus or scooter tours of the countryside, or tours of the most productive farmlands in the area

**Magic & Wonder: DREAM - Led by master illusionist Brett A. Myers, with a lot of help from his wife, Labrina, this show full of spectacular illusions, comedy, and costumes will send you all into a whimsical world of wonder that you won't soon forget. Enjoy slight of hand tricks and grand illusions on the famous Bird-in-Hand State, a local legend in the theater world.