2-Day San Antonio Performance Tour

Day 1 You'll See:

  • The Alamo
  • Tower of the Americas
  • River Walk and River Cruise
  • La Villita Historic Arts Village
  • San Antonio: The Saga light display

Day 2 You’ll See:

  • Majestic Theater Tour
  • Spanish Governor’s Palace
  • Market Square- El Mercado
  • San Antonio Mission’s Historic Park
  • Evening Performance (choose between San Antonio Symphony, Chamber Orchestra, Ballet, Opera, Fiesta Noche del Rio, Woodlawn Theatre, or Broadway)

San Antonio is a city filled with a rich history, rich culture, and even richer entertainment opportunities. Prepare yourselves for three days full of fun live performances, concerts, and shows, as well as gorgeous scenery and informative local history. From the streets of central San Antonio’s River Walk to the gorgeous interior of the Majestic Theater, this tour has something for everybody in your group and will be certain to leave you wanting more!


The Alamo - An absolute must stop while in San Antonio is the 4.2 acre Alamo complex. This rich history-filled landmark sees over 2.5 million visitors from around the world yearly and has stood as a crossroads for Texas history for over 300 years. Here you will relive the history of the Spanish colonization, Mexican independence, the Confederacy standing its ground, and maybe the most remembered event, the small band of Texans who held out for 13 days against General Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.  Though the Alamo fell in 1836, this location serves as a symbol of courage and sacrifice in the name of liberty, as James Bowie, David Crockett, and Sam Houston proved valiantly. While here your group can check out the exhibits on the Texas Revolution and general Texas history, as well as see all of the historic and modern structures on site dating back to 1744 such as the church, long barrack, Alamo Hall, and Centennial Museum. Be sure to save some time to stroll through the gorgeous Alamo Gardens, in this beautiful location in downtown San Antonio!

Tower of the Americas - Next your group will see another exciting history-filled location while getting the best view of the Alamo City at one of San Antonio’s top attractions, the Tower of the Americas! This 750-foot tall tower helps guests learn Texas history through self-guided tours, Texas history murals, and an exciting 4D theatre ride! Built originally in 1968 for the World's Fair and San Antonio’s 250th anniversary, this tower is full of engaging visual presentations, maps, timelines, and informational plaques on historical events. You will even find interesting personal facts on local heroes, from leaders to missionaries to colonists. Check out the photos on the deck floor that pinpoint local landmarks and historic discussion points, as well as the Flags Over Texas Observation Level. This level has the best views of the city plus some truly captivating murals depicting Texas and its turbulent history. Save plenty of time to take a ride on the 4D theatre attraction, Skies Over Texas, immersing your group in everything Texas from NASA involvement to rodeo clowns!

River Walk and River Cruise - One of the best ways to see central San Antonio is easily the River Walk and River Cruise, both providing an exciting yet informative way to see the most popular and influential sites around the city. The River Walk is more often called the Paseo del Rio (Walk of the River) and is considered to be the largest urban ecosystem in the nation. This 15 mile, 21 block series of sidewalks and paths was completed in 1941 but has been used as an area of commerce and convention since the 1700s. This verdant oasis of cypress-lined paths, arched stone bridges, and luscious landscape gives millions of visitors a year easy access to cultural hot spots and historic sites, as well as some of the best classic Tex-Mex and tender BBQ the city has to offer. After you’ve walked all you can board the San Antonio River Cruise for a 35 minute narrated history tour of the River Walk. This award-winning boat tour doubles as a convenient water taxi, as well as a relaxing dinner cruise line.  Your group will love both chances to see the city up close and personal in a relaxing yet informative manner.

La Villita Historic Arts Village - La Villita Historic Arts Village, or Little Town, is a local treasure in the heart of downtown San Antonio along the banks of the San Antonio River. This charming backdrop blessed site hosts a combination of art galleries, distinctive shops, and fine dining experiences in a historically significant setting. As one of San Antonio’s first neighborhoods from the 18th century, this historical site offers living history on everything from Indian raids to the Labores de Abajo, or lower farmlands, both early and important uses of this location. Originally a site for primitive huts for Spanish soldiers stationed at the Alamo, this site was restored in the 1930s and now houses four plazas and the unique Arneson River Theatre. A stroll around the neighborhood will show your group shaded plazas and walkways that host the best events, festivals, concerts, and celebrations in the area. You can also find the finest dining at Fig Tree or the historic Little Rhein Steakhouse or head over to the Guadalajara Grill for the freshest authentic Mexican food!

San Antonio: The Saga light display - End your first night in San Antonio with one of the newest and most breathtaking attractions in town, the San Antonio: The Saga light display. This 24-minute show was created by French artist Xavier de Richemont and debuted in 2014, since then seeing hundreds of thousands of guests. Here you will find a captivating video art installation on the facade of the San Fernando Cathedral, the oldest operating cathedral in Texas, dating back to 1738. A truly impressive 7,000 square foot projection of lights projected onto the cathedral tell the story of San Antonio from the beginning to present day. The custom choreographed music in surround sound shows the historical discovery, settlement, and development of San Antonio, the now 7th largest city in the nation. This pivotal location to the United States identity is represented beautifully and artistically in this colonial plaza, Main Plaza, and your group will definitely not be disappointed walking away from this jaw-dropping show!


Majestic Theater Tour - Start your second day off at the oldest and largest atmospheric theatre in San Antonio, the Majestic Theater! Built-in 1929, this theater designed by John Eberson seats 2,311 people and is an official National Historic Landmark. Previous home of the San Antonio Symphony (from 1989 to 2014) and current home to the San Antonio Broadway Series, this theater will give your group a wide variety of show options, from popular concerts to Broadway hits, to touring performing arts and comedy acts. A tour of the inside of this gorgeous facility will show your group the intricate and stunning Spanish Mediterranean style of architecture and furnishings popular in this area still today. A few of the current acts at the theater, to give you a taste of what you may see while here, include Disney’s Little Mermaid, the National Acrobats, and Circus of China tour, the Beach Boys, Louis CK, Styx, The Phantom of the Opera, and So You Think You Can Dance TV live recordings. There is most certainly something for everybody in your group here!

Spanish Governor’s Palace - The Spanish Governor’s Palace, or sometimes called the Comandancia, is a National Historic Landmark that represents the last visual remnants of Presidio San Antonio de Bejar. The Presidio was established as a result of the rivalry between Spain and France in the early 1700s for dominance of the highly valued territory. It was ordered by King Philip V of Spain in the mid-1700s and restored to its present glory in the 1930s. The original Comandancia, which means residence and working office, was meant for the captains of the military garrison from 1722 to the early 1800s and today represents Texas history under Spanish rule. A tour of the grounds will show your group the 10 rooms within the establishment furnished with Spanish colonial period pieces, as well as beautifully landscaped gardens and courtyards. You will see intricately carved doors up close and personal, as well as original adobe bricks from the first uses of the building. This is one informative yet interesting stop your group won’t want to miss!

Market Square- El Mercado - San Antonio’s Market Square, more commonly referred to as El Mercado, is the perfect place to immerse yourself into the local culture full of the sights and flavors of Old Mexico. This site is a favorite of locals and tourists alike and has been for generations, as it is the largest and most authentic Mexican market outside of Mexico. Explore the over 100 locally-owned shops and stalls in this festive indoor mall and find authentic culture-related artifacts such as Talavera pottery, exotic curios, and handcrafted works of art. Enjoy the gourmet Mexican cuisine at Mi Tierra or La Margarita, or head over to the large and very impressive Farmers Market Food Court, one of the best in the nation! You can even catch a stage show or live concert while here! Immerse yourself into the history of the original settlers who used this site as early as 1730 as an entertainment and vendor paradise and see first hand why it is still a very popular and busy commerce and culture center!

San Antonio Mission’s Historic Park - This National Historic Landmark serves to embody nearly 300 years of history and culture, and guarantees to keep your group happily busy and informed! The San Antonio Mission’s Historic Park is comprised of four separate units, a park visitor center, the Espada Acequia system, the San Juan Demonstration Farm, Rancho de las Cabras, plus four churches! The churches are active Catholic parishes with regular services that correspond with the four missions. A tour of this site will provide a narrated history of the four missions and churches, the old grist mill, the 270-year-old irrigation system and aqueduct, and the native habitat! Fill up on all the local history you can, then take a relaxing stroll down the nature trail at San Juan Mission, part of the 10 plus mile River Walk. This portion of native habitat is excellent for birding and provides gorgeous views of the original San Antonio River!

Evening Performance (choose between San Antonio Symphony, Chamber Orchestra, Ballet, Opera, Fiesta Noche del Rio, Woodlawn Theatre, or Broadway) - Your evening will end with a spectacular performance fueled bang, as your group can now choose from one of the many San Antonio nightly live shows and performances. Spend your evening at the Majestic Theater for the latest Broadway hit or San Antonio Symphony performance, or maybe head over to the Woodlawn Theatre for their latest brilliant production. You can also catch a thrilling performance by the San Antonio Chamber Orchestra or Ballet at the Tobin Center for Performing Arts. You can even spice things up with a performance at the Fiesta Noche del Rio on the River Walk, or head back over to the Saga light show for an encore performance that is larger than life! The entertainment options are practically endless here, ensuring that every member of your group ends the night satisfied!