4-Day Phoenix Call of the Wild

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Get ready for a four-day adventure like no other as you and your group climb, hike, bike, and raft along the most breathtaking sights of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert landscape! Spend your days at the most popular parks, trails, and landmarks as you explore the amazing local culture, geology, and geography of Arizona. You’ll get the chance to feel the sun on your skin, the dirt beneath your shoes, get moving, get wet, and get amazing photographs! If you are hungry for an adventure this is the perfect tour for you, so call today and get more info on how you can make this trip possible!


Papago Park - Start your day the right way at Papago Park, the 1,500-acre hilly desert park that encapsulates the Sonoran Desert habitat. This park is actually considered a municipal park for both Phoenix and Tempe and is designated as a Phoenix Point of Pride. Here your group will have the chance to explore the many distinctive geological formations, a wide variety of desert plants, and many massive, distinctive red sandstone buttes. Explore the Desert Botanical Garden, the Zoo, the various lakes, hiking and biking trails, the fire museum, fishing opportunities, and baseball and softball fields. Your group will see Hunt’s Tomb, a pyramidal tomb of Arizona’s first governor George W.P. Hunt, as well as Hole-in-the-Rock, the major landmark with openings eroded over time. This park is a world-class natural attraction your group isn’t going to want to miss!


Piestewa Peak Quartz Ridge Trail - Piestewa Peak is a 2,608-foot peak that is known as one of the most prominent landmarks in the Valley of the Sun. This spot is also one of the most popular hiking venues in the state, with over half a million hikers visiting per year. Piestewa Peak’s various trails are second only to the Grand Canyon’s Bright Angel Trail as far as popularity goes, with a convenient urban location in the heart of the Greater Phoenix and Scottsdale area. Piestewa Peak used to actually be called Squaw Peak until the name was changed to honor Lori Piestewa, a local who gave her life in Iraq. This peak is the second highest in Phoenix behind Camelback Mountain, and Quartz Ridge Trail is the perfect way to take it all in! Take the 1.7-mile trail to explore the gorgeous scenery at about 1,500 feet in elevation, a sight you definitely won’t want to miss out on!

Arizona Outback Adventures - Arizona Outback Adventures has been the premier adventure tour and corporate team building company in the Southwest since 1991. This company serves four states (Utah, Arizona, California, and Colorado) and specializes in such ventures as bike rentals, day tours, cycling vacations, hiking vacations, guided backpacking, mild river rafting, paddle boarding, and kayaking. In Arizona have the opportunity to take advantage of hiking the McDowell Mountains, Zion, Yosemite, Death Valley, or perhaps more suitable for you today, the Sonoran Desert. If you so choose not to take one of these fantastic hiking tours you will have the opportunity to take the half-day Salt River Tour, a scenic and relaxing ride through a desert oasis. This class 1 river provides unobstructed views for 70 miles, views that include four different mountain ranges. Your group may choose to take the Salt River as a guided rafting trip, stand up paddleboard, or kayak tour, each of which provides their own challenge, excitement, and absolutely stunning scenic views.


Hieroglyphic Trail - End your day at the Hieroglyphic Trail in the Superstition Wilderness, the popular trail that begins at the Lost Goldmine Trailhead on Cloudview Avenue, in the southwest corner of the park. This 3-mile trail sits near Gold Canyon and is most popular for hiking, open September to May. The trail rises 1.45 miles through bajada into the mouth of hieroglyphics canyon, the end of the trail containing many petroglyphs and small waterfalls. The several panels of well-preserved petroglyphs located above seasonal pools are actually basalt rock etchings first mistaken by European settlers for Egyptian hieroglyphs. It is believed that the actual petroglyphs were created by the Hohokam people, a civilization that thrived in Southern Arizona from 500 to 1450 AD. This is a great opportunity for your group to get more exercise and learn about the ancient civilizations of the region, plus there’s always that spectacular view all around!

Camelback Mountain - Welcome to Camelback Mountain, an aptly named humpback mountain located within the Echo Canyon Recreation area, between Phoenix and Scottsdale. This mountain, sitting at 2,704 feet in elevation, provides an excellent hike or climb, a quick venture in a convenient central location in the middle of Phoenix Valley. Here your group will find great panoramic views, the perfect place to break out your camera, and go photography crazy. Both tourists and locals love this area, the mountain containing two popular hiking trails: Echo Canyon and Cholla. Both of these trails are considered difficult, Echo being much steeper and Cholla being much longer. Cholla Trail gains 1,300 feet over 1.42 miles, a winding hike full of local wildlife, and a bit of a scrambling climb at the pinnacle of the "Saddle." The Echo Canyon Trail provides an intense anaerobic hike for 1.23 miles, a rise of 1,480 feet strewn with large rocks and great resting spots. Your group may choose to schedule a guided hike, as well as visit the online store for hiking apparel or to post/compare times of your hikes!


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