1-Day Berkeley Fresh Food Tour

Day 1 You'll See:

  • Organic Coup
    Donkey + Goat Winery Jay Cross Flickr

    Donkey + Goat Winery

  • Mission Heirloom
  • Cheese Board Collective
  • Donkey + Goat
  • Chez Panisse
  • Kitchen on Fire

Berkeley is a California culinary diamond in the rough, a place for fresh loving foodies to flock when searching for organic, local, and non-GMO foods. Featuring several notable artisan chefs and innovative eateries, this ‘culinary wonderland’ is one of the United States’ absolute best places to go to enjoy sustainable eating! Are you ready to dig in?

Day 1 -

(Proposed Times Included)

(9 am)Mission Heirloom - A popular Berkeley eatery is working to ‘erase the line between delicious, healthy, and convenient’, doing so very well with their chemical free health food shop and cafe. The food offered here is simple and nourishing, the perfect fare for foodies, picky eaters, and those with peculiar food allergies. One of the coolest things about this restaurant is that it fully promotes non-toxic kitchen supplies and supports biodynamic farming. From the soil to the sustainable plates served inside, this eatery is really setting a high standard in the foodie-driven culinary world. Come here for breakfast with your group from 9 am to 11 am (on the weekdays) and enjoy popular menu items such as avocado toast, seasonal frittata, scone and eggs, porridge, and locally sourced granola. What better way to start your day?

(1 pm) Organic Coup - This is one of the stops of the day we personally are most excited about for your group, the Organic Coup one of the most interesting fast food concepts in the U.S. Pushing for social change in the fast food industry, Organic Coup leads the way being America’s first USDA certified organic fast food restaurant. Sitting cleanly on Telegraph Avenue, this eatery won’t serve you food with GMO’s, antibiotics, or pesticides, a massive sustainable step in the right direction. Not only are the breaking barriers food-wise, they are also one of the only restaurant chains to pay employees a realistic livable wage, not the typical fast food minimum wage. Try their Signature Sandwich with air-chilled organic chicken breast soaked in buttermilk and fried in refined coconut oil, spicy veggies, in an organic bun. Once you leave it will be easy to see why this chain’s motto is ‘Organically cocky'!

(3:30 pm)Donkey + Goat - When visiting California’s golden coasts there is typically one thing almost everybody (of age) wants to take part in; wine tasting! This spot is for the twenty-one and up the crowd, a foodie-friendly spot that features locally sourced, sustainable vineyard product. With an award-winning tasting room and unbelievably simple wine making process, winos and foodies alike will fall in love with Donkey + Goat. We have included this as an optional stop for chaperones, group leaders, teachers, and college students, the visit providing much more than just a slight wine buzz. The education you will get here about ‘natural wines’ and biodynamic farming will be well worth the visit, the wine here amazingly only containing grapes and the minimal effective about of sulfur for fermenting.

*** If the above option doesn’t suit your group, use this time to head over to the beautiful Berkeley Marina for some fresh air (and maybe some exercise to make room for more great food)!

(3:30 pm)Aquatic Park - Take in exemplary Berkeley views at the Berkeley Aquatic Park next! This fun stop will add fresh air and fresh scenery to your day full of fresh experiences! Here your group can spend a couple hours enjoying outdoor recreation (or relaxation) including hiking, biking, bird watching, and boating. There is an onsite frisbee golf course, meadow trails, and even a fitness course. Younger kids will enjoy the wooden castle-filled playground, adults will enjoy the various marine and avian habitats, and photographers will really enjoy the scenic bridges, walkways, and waterways.

(5 pm)Cheese Board Collective - This will be a fun stop for your group to snack a little and learn a little, the Cheese Board Collective a local establishment featuring a pizzeria, bakery, and cheese shop. This is a great culinary stop for your group because it combines local culture, local ingredients, and of course, locally loved cheeses! Open since 1967, the pizzeria part of this establishment serves one choice of a seasonal, daily-changing veggie pizza, an example being today's pizza; swiss chard, leeks, mozzarella, truffle pecorino cheese, orange and lemon zest, parsley, and a fennel market veggie salad. Of course, after a full breakfast and lunch, you will probably want to head straight to the Cheese Counter for a smaller snack, the counter serving a wide variety of cheeses from all over the world, with a cheese to fit every palate!

(6 pm) Down Time - Unbutton your possibly tighter pants, make some room, and relax for an hour or so!

(7 or 8 pm, depending on reservation time)Chez Panisse - Chez Panisse is one of the most critically acclaimed fresh and organic eateries in California, a Berkeley culinary hotspot for foodies seeking sustainable fares. Led by owner Alice Walter, this flagship Berkeley Eater holds a reservation-only eatery downstairs and a lunch and dinner cafe upstairs, each one featuring locally sourced, produce heavy small plates. This cozy spot sits within the Shattuck neighborhood, founded first in 1971. The story behind the name of this place is quite interesting, Alice inspired by a character in Marcel Pagnol’s 1930’s classic film trilogy. If you visit in the evening you will enjoy a three or four course series of entrees that change nightly, depending on the season and available ingredients. At lunch you will get a more moderately priced menu, each providing the ‘finest sustainably-sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients including fish, meat, and poultry'. Just to give you a little taste of what’s served here, this Monday’s menu includes sage and hazelnut pork chops, seared beetroots, radish and herb salad, and fresh blood oranges. Talk about mouth watering!