Eco Isle Royale

Day 1 You'll See:

  • Houghton, MI to Isle Royale National Park

Day 2 You'll See:

  • Isle Royale National Park

Day 3 You'll See:

  • Isle Royale to Houghton, MI


Take a look at the amazing opportunities you will have every day during your eco tour of Isle Royale!


Houghton, MI to Isle Royale National Park
Once your group arrives in Houghton, Michigan your eco journey begins. Isle Royale is only accessible by seaplane or boat. If you choose boat, once aboard Ranger III, the ferry service offered by the National Park Service, all will enjoy the six hour sail across Lake Superior. Since Lake Superior is the vastest freshwater sea on the globe, the chance to see large freshwater fish is great. About 3 hours after lunch, which is served on the Ranger III, the group will arrive on Isle Royal.

Be sure to check in immediately at your lodge so there is time to do some hiking and exploring before it gets dark. There is a large variety of wildlife that lives on the island such as wolves, loons, moose, fox, beaver, birdlife and much more. If the group has accommodations at Rock Harbor Lodge be sure to check into rentals of kayaks and canoes or motor boats to check your fishing talents. You can also set up guided tours through the lodge staff.


Isle Royale National Park
Today can be as long or as leisurely as you wish it to be. You can involve yourself in learning experiences with the researchers and naturalists who study the abundant flora and fauna of the various regions on the island. There will be offerings of tours of all kinds from hiking to kayaking or canoeing. For each eco-tour opportunity of the day, the group can have an educational advisor along to add to the trip’s flavor of learning by hearing and experiencing writing and photography sessions that enhance the moment.

Take along a guide sheet to identify animal tracks or hook up with a guide that is taking a group out to see the tracks of animals like the moose and wolf. Study their habitat and see the signs and tracks left behind by their living. Be sure to kayak or canoe out to Raspberry Island to see the Raspberry Island Lighthouse. Raspberry Island is one of the Apostle Islands in Lake Superior and is actually considered to be in Wisconsin.


Isle Royale to Houghton, MI
Get up early today so you can enjoy a hearty breakfast and a last look around before heading off to the marina for the boat ride back to Houghton. Be sure to grab all the writings, drawings and photographs created and collected during the stay on this remote island wilderness. There are so many eco opportunities here. So if you didn’t get your fill of nature, come back again. When you do come, be sure to take hikes on the ancient lava flows as well as the historic lighthouses and shipwrecks. Visit ancient copper mining sites and see what industry has done to impact the wilderness. Remember there are plenty of places to observe the moose, wolves, loons, beaver, fox, and other small mammals and birdlife. You can even find diving opportunities at many Lake Superior shipwrecks. Find the time to return not just to Isle Royale, but to nature.