3-Day San Francisco Treat

San Francisco

Day 1 You'll See:

  • Twin Peaks
  • San Francisco Treasure Hunt
  • Chinatown
  • Ghost Hunt Walking Tour

Day 2 You'll See:

  • Golden Gate Bridge
  • Marina District
  • Blue and Gold Fleet Cruise
  • Pier 39
  • Musee Mecanique
  • 7D Experience

Day 3 You'll See:

  • Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

Your grads deserve a special getaway to celebrate their accomplishments. Why not reward them with a 3 day holiday in the stunningly diverse City by the Bay? This vibrantly eclectic and classically beautiful Northern California gem boasts more of everything under the sun packed into a tidy 6-mile square package than one would ever imagine, and it’s all just waiting for your group to discover as they observe this important milestone on an awesome adventure tour of one of the most popular vacation destinations on the planet!


Twin Peaks
You and your grad group will feel like you’re perched on top of the world as you scan the breathtaking horizon from the awesome vantage point of these popular and pet-friendly 900+ foot natural peaks located near the geographical center of San Francisco. At one time the native Ohlone people used the landmark peaks as a lookout point and hunting ground; the 360-degree view – especially from above the fog as it rolls in from the Bay and unfurls through the city is nothing short of spectacular – and on a clear day, you really can see forever. The trek to the undeveloped top is delightful, should you choose to make the journey by foot; the entire area is thriving natural habitat, home to an exciting array of native flora and fauna, including the endangered Mission Blue Butterfly, and the Summit Reservoir serves as the water supply for San Francisco’s fire departments as well as the thirsty Bay Area bird population - keep your eyes open for “neighborhood” wildlife! Whether you hike, bike, ride or drive, you’ll be thrilled to start your 3-day graduation celebration in this wonderful city from atop Twin Peaks!


San Francisco Treasure Hunt
You and your grads will depart your lofty perch and jump smack-dab into an absolutely unique approach to sightseeing! Be sure to wear comfortable shoes; you’ll be striking out on a wonderfully customized treasure/scavenger hunt – a fabulously fun and surprisingly challenging way to experience the City by the Bay’s rich history, vibrant culture, and colorful neighborhoods. You’ll forage for crucial clues, scavenge for “hidden” treasures, untangle mind-snarling puzzles, and encounter the delightfully unexpected while out and about on an absolutely entertaining 2-3 hour lark around beautiful San Francisco. Your capable, affable tour guide will usher you through this grand adventure – an exciting teambuilding expedition jam-packed with physical challenges, games, food, and plenty of prizes!


San Francisco’s Chinatown is the largest outside of Asia, the oldest in North America and consistently a top draw to local culture hounds and intrepid traversers of the globe, alike. Covering 24 square city blocks and overlapping 5 postal codes, it encompasses an area roughly a mile long and 1.34 miles wide. It is said there are two distinct Chinatown experiences: one for the locals, and one for tourists. Once through Grant Avenue’s iconic dragon gate, you’ll wander lamp-lined colorful streets filled with restaurants, shops and mini malls-all with a more commercial vibe than traditional offerings over on Stockton Street, famous for its open-air produce and fresh fish markets, tidy mom and pop stores and charming eateries. Drop by Golden Gate Bakery on Grant for a yummy egg custard tart, and pop into Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory on Portsmouth Square for a sweet sample – or a whole bag of these quintessential San Francisco treats. Put away the maps and pocket that smartphone; let your happy feet follow your exhilarated senses through your very own Chinatown!


Ghost Hunt Walking Tour
This popular Ghost Hunt Walking Tour gets you and your gaggle of paranormal investigators around to San Francisco’s most notoriously “occupied” landmarks! You’re bound to encounter lingering spirits holding fast to times gone by on this spooky and entertaining three-hour trot through a hilly, haunted neighborhood. You’ll hear thrilling tales based on documented research, handle spooky artifacts and wander notoriously “haunted” mansions.” Stroll the quiet, tree-lined streets and “ooh and ah” at the fine Victorian architecture, but keep a watchful eye peeled and your camera at the ready - you may meet Flora, the most famous “wandering” ghost in the city - or run into Mary Ellen, purported “Voodoo Queen” of San Francisco! Tours depart year ‘round, rain or star shine, from the front of the Queen Anne Hotel, five nights a week. Wear comfortable shoes and be sure to dress warmly; while this tour is bound to send shivers up your spine, San Francisco weather can be a bit chilly and could certainly blur the discernable difference between a hair-raising Ghost Hunt moment and that bracing Bay breeze!


Golden Gate Bridge
The iconic Golden Gate Bridge, a stunning arc of high-visibility *international orange* cable and steel, ranked 5th on a list of America’s Favorite Architecture and declared one of the modern wonders of the world, spans the three-mile wide channel between San Francisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean and connects Marin County to the busy City. In all her Art-Deco glory, the Golden Gate flexes and rolls across the water, shrouded in woolen morning fog, resplendent in the ethereal afternoon sunlight and glowing, golden and elegant, after dark. Ever-popular with tourists and bicyclists, walkways on either side of the vehicle traffic lanes facilitate safe passage, depending on the time of day. The Golden Gate Visitor Plaza on the east end of the bridge houses a series of all-new visitor experiences, while the Bridge pavilion, serving as a welcoming and orientation center to guests, offers wonderful commemorative and interpretive souvenirs. EXCELLENT photo ops here!


Marina District
Situated on the Northern tip of the city between the Presidio and Fort Mason, this strikingly attractive San Francisco neighborhood/upscale wonderland-on-the-water truly came into its own after the Loma Prieta earthquake; with evidence of previously unsound development came the implementation of new, safer standards and construction and the area was reinforced, rebuilt and completely revitalized. The present-day Marina experience is all about pretty, shiny, happy – and successful - people. It’s the place to be and be seen – shop dozens of trendy boutiques, buy a kite or borrow a dog and head for 74-acre Marina Green, visit the world-famous Exploratorium or the incredible Palace of Fine Arts, sample matchless international cuisines and indulge in world-class spa treatments. Come sundown, an active nightlife awaits energetic types committed to ticking away the stars twinkling above the net of fog strung about the yacht clubs and expensive homes in this exclusive Bay Area locale.


Blue and Gold Fleet Rocket Boat Cruise
Ready for a real rush? Grab your grads and strap yourself into the famous Blue and Gold Fleet’s Rocket Boat, the fastest, most nimble watercraft on San Francisco Bay, for an exhilarating 30 minute white-knuckle ride across the water under the steady hand of your capable captain. Tip: if you’re looking to stay drier, take your seat at the front/toward the middle of the boat; passengers “abaft” are gonna get wet!


Pier 39
Every classic San Francisco getaway should include a stop by Pier 39, a 45-acre landmark attraction serving up the cotton-candy nostalgia of an old-fashioned amusement park against an artist’s dream backdrop featuring spectacular views of the 300-berth marina by the bay, the Bay Bridge, Golden Gate and Alcatraz, and a front-row seat to the antics of vocal herds of wriggling sea lions stationed on K-Dock. Full-service restaurants, charming cafes and quaint snack shacks tender a fine sampling of “so fresh it was swimming this morning” local seafood and other tasty treats, and plenty of unique activities and attractions help work off those inevitable indulgences. Stomp out a tune on the musical stairs, get lost in a magical mirror maze, dive into the Aquarium of the Bay, catch a show at the Bay Theatre, or recharge with a turn on the hand-painted San Francisco Carousel; the sweet calliope tunes mesmerize and thousands of twinkling lights uniquely frame the whirling view of the bustling promenade as you ride your painted pony – or panda. See yourself through an artist’s eyes with a caricature sketched while you watch; everywhere you turn, lively street performers “do their thing”, to the enthusiastic delight of Pier visitors. Exciting Bay tour and charter opportunities abound – don’t forget your cameras – and an eclectic array of specialty stores and gift shops tempt even “no souvenir” types to enter and browse; there’s bound to be a perfect San Francisco memento with your name on it!


Musee Mecanique
EVERYONE visits Fisherman’s Wharf while in the beautiful City by the Bay; no Golden State excursion would be complete without a stop by this favorite attraction, rich with classic North Coast Fishing Town ambiance and charm! At the foot of Taylor Street on Pier 45, you’ll find admission-free Musee Mecanique – a true Fisherman’s Wharf treasure that will have you marveling at their wonderful collection of hundreds of authentic coin-operated mechanical musical instruments, animated figures and vintage arcade machines – every single one in working condition - ready for you to drop a coin (prices range from just a penny to a dollar, and coin machines quickly convert your bills so no need to lug change around!) and begin your delightful journey to a simpler time. Gap-toothed “Laughing Sal” greets visitors near the Museum’s front door, eliciting laughter from all who enter owner Dan Zelinsky’s fantastic, whimsical collection of coin-operated art- one of the largest in the world!


7D Experience
This beyond-awesome Pier 39 attraction – the one and only 7D Experience - delivers all the hair-raising, stomach flipping thrill of a classic rollercoaster and the adrenalin-riddled excitement of a state-of-the-art laser blasting game - simultaneously! 7 D’s 20 seat theater featuring a gargantuan movie screen and the hottest, freshest 3D technology will trip your fun trigger and have your senses reeling as you ride and blast your way through hordes of killer zombies, defeat a den of dastardly pirates or annihilate a gang of menacing robot cowboys!


Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
The sun is up - day three has arrived! Get dressed, pack your bags, grab some breakfast and get moving – you’re heading into THE grand finale of this fabulous San Francisco getaway! Experience that exhilarating brand of Six Flags magic as you and your young itinerants kick off your last day in the Bay with an awesome trip to Discovery Kingdom, where you’ll enjoy dozens of rides and attractions, special events, animal shows, exhibits and encounters; plenty of delicious dining options standby to fuel your celebratory adventure, and shoportunities abound, ensuring everyone in your group comes away with “perfect’ mementos of their incredible Six Flags adventure!