2-Day St Augustine Education

Day 1 You'll See:

Day 2 You'll See:

These attractions are completely unique to the area. Below is just a sample to get you started. Since we customize each tour we offer, feel free to request changes or substitutions that will best fit your needs.


Oldest Store Museum Experience

Visit the Oldest Store Museum in St. Augustine and see the extensive collection of authentic products lining the walls, living history guides dressed as old fashioned clerks and salesmen there to demo all the 'best time-saving miracles from the rockin’ 1900s!' They will show you all the latest inventions and products such as turn-of-the-century tonics, unicycles, goat-powered washing machines, farm equipment, corsets, grain threshers, 'healthy underwear', and so much more! There are tours every 20 minutes, the last departing at 4:30.

Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park

The Fountain of Youth Park’s 15 serene acres steeped in 500 years of fascinating history, recreated coquina shell and local cypress architecture, and richly colorful legend and lore afford visitors an entertaining and enlightening waterfront educational experience they won’t soon forget! Visit the lovely stone Spring House – the actual site of Ponce de Leon’s notorious “Fountain of Youth” – his “Spring of Eternal Hope” - and the centerpiece of the Park; take a sip of the delightful, cool water enriched with miraculous minerals bubbling from the Earth; do you believe the legend?

Mission Nombre de Dios Museum

The Mission is part of the Roman Catholic Diocese of St. Augustine and holds the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche as well as several other small shrines and statues. The grounds are covered with lush greenery and trees, and you will also find the Great Cross here, a massive stainless steel cross constructed in 1965. The cross commemorates the 400th anniversary of the 1st parish Catholic Mass.

History, Mystery, Mayhem, & Murder Tour 

Explore the 'darkest corners of St. Augustine's sinister past', your expert tour guide filling you in on history, gore, and 'gruesome whispered tales of the unfortunate'. You will hear stories of the yellow fever epidemic, murderous stories of pirate sackings and Indian massacres, unsolved brutal murders, the Great Fire of 1914, and much more.


Marineland Dolphin Adventure 

This entertainment, education, and 'swim with the dolphins' facility first opened in 1938, celebrating 81 years of history, education, and conservation efforts. This facility allows guests to swim with dolphins, meet sea turtles and sand tiger sharks, explore local history, and learn about and/or get involved with conservation efforts. Your group will be able to explore the 1.3 million gallon series of dolphin habitats and participate in several different interactive programs.

Fort Matanzas National Monument

This fascinating landmark is accessible only by boat- the Matanzas Queen ferry - and complimentary guided tours are offered on the hour, led by Park employees in character dress who expertly acquaint you with the surrounding area while bringing Fort Matanzas’ important historic role vividly to life.