AST’s Social Media

Hello Adventure Student Travel fans! Chances are you've already discovered all of our great content across various social media, but we wanted to give you an update just in case you're missing out! Here are all the platforms where you can find us.

Facebook - On our Facebook page, you'll find links to all our blog posts, special content from our website, shares from Instagram, updates on the latest travel news, shares from some of the greatest travel outlets we follow, and posts to our wall by past clients!

Twitter - Much like Facebook, here you'll find our blog posts, but you'll also get to be an easier part of the conversation by hopping in our travel discussions with other big names in the industry! Have a question? Tweet it at us @shesgoingplaces.

Pinterest - Our online board filled with all things travel will keep you scrolling for days! Whether your interested in natural wonders travel tips, travel style, attractions, testimonials, luxury travel or ocean views, there's something for you!

Instagram - For a window into our world, follow our Instagram for fun pics from employee travels and shenanigans, as well as quotes, graphics, and images that inspire the wanderlust inside of us.

Tumblr - We're new to Tumblr, so come say hi! Here we're following our favorite travel blogs and sharing the best content, as well as linking you to all our blog posts and Instagram snapshots. Get reblogging today!