AT&T Performing Arts Center

One of the most impressive, massive, expensive, and newest additions to Dallas’ booming art scene will make up your next stop, the AT&T Performing Arts Center. This multi-million (354, to be exact) dollar performance venue can hold up to 5950 people total, the massive entertainment complex holding regular concerts, plays, operas, and events/galas. This spot first opened in 2009 with the motto it still holds proudly today ‘enriching your life. Enriching the community’. On any given night you will find an extremely wide range of performances, a good example of this being their current holiday lineup, as follows: Neil Degrasse, Kristin Chenoweth, A Christmas Carol, and Book of Mormon. You can choose from Broadway, theater, comedy, speakers, music, dance, or series. This means that there will literally be something for everybody to choose from during your visit, so big groups, have no fear!

Winspear Opera House

You will find that this performing arts center offers several helpful group discounts and accommodations, providing event planning and dining options for large groups, as well as bus parking and educational experiences. There are always a set of study guides to be used along with certain plays and the experience of seeing any of these works of art on stage, in general, is highly educational and culturally enlightening in itself. If your stomach starts growling pre or post show head over to Center Cafe or Coda Bar, each providing delicious plates, dinners, and refreshments. Not only are there two onsite restaurants within this complex, there is also an opera house, the Wyly Theater, Strauss Square, and Sammons Park. The total 10 full acres is an architectural gem in the Dallas arts community, a visually interesting group of buildings and endlessly ‘movable interiors’ nestled among many other world-class museums. This amazing year-round indoor and outdoor performance venue holds to its mission quite well, always ‘proving a public gathering place that stirs community and fosters creativity through the presentation of performance arts.'