Automobile Driving Museum

The Automobile Driving Museum, or ADM, is located in the Los Angeles suburb of El Segundo and is a highly unique museum experience that any fan of classic cars, mechanics, and/or the history of transportation will enjoy. Found only in the hidden depths of L.A., this amazing place preserves and educates guests about the cultural history of popular vehicles, aiming to have each and every visitor walk away with a higher appreciation and fascination with automobiles in general. They even offer rides to guests in some of the most popular and iconic cars here each Sunday, the Sunday Rides tradition a highly popular one that is still going strong! Overall, this entire museum is considered to be one of Southern California’s premier destinations for car enthusiasts, and with a visit it’s really easy to see why!

Inside this funky museum, you and your group will see over 130 vintage, antique, and classic muscle cars, not to mention an onsite research library, museum store, event space, ballroom, and cafe. As mentioned briefly before, you can spend some time inside learning the history then get hands on each Sunday with a chance to ride along in them, the truly best way to get to know these vehicles. Students will love the summer camp options, teachers will love the STEM education benefits, and you will all enjoy the scavenger hunt and up close and personal car-viewing options. Expect to see such famous automobiles as the 1949 Woody, 1964 Plymouth, 1928 Buick, 1936 Lincoln V-12 Town Car, and 1962 Chevrolet Impala Convertible. Before you go you can even enjoy such classics as their currently featured 82 Delorean and 56 Lincoln Convertible, or maybe just enjoy the onsite cafe and store full of car memorabilia.