Backpacks Vs. Suitcases

Suitcase vs. BackpackOne of the most largely contested topics in the travel world is one that may seem petty, but can really make a big difference in your trip. Many people prefer the safety, largeness and sturdiness of a traditional travel suitcase, while others opt for the more easy to carry, less burdensome travel backpack. We'll lay out the pros and cons of both, and let you decide which is right for you!



There's something about that hard case that makes you feel much more secure storing things like electronics, as well as small packaged items that can get torn up inside a backup. There's also, of course, a more prolonged durability with suitcases -- those things can take a beating.


Less Weight on You

With the beautiful invention of rolling suitcases, you can zip zip zip through airplane terminals and busy streets without a worry in the world, your prized suitcase trailing smoothly behind. Less weight on your person means you can pack way more, as long as your able to find someone to lift it up into the carry-on cupboard, if you don't check your bags.


Less Mess

One of the biggest complaints with backpacks is that you have to dig to find anything you need. With a suitcase, you just flip it open and hopefully you've organized everything well enough that you can grab whatever it is you may need.


More Professional

Aside from the fact that carrying a suitcase simply looks more professional than carrying a backpack, a suitcase is better for work travel because it keeps all your pressed suits or dresses clean, organized, and wrinkle-free.




For the most part, a backpack can just be an extension of your body. You can still run, jump, hop a fence, crawl, or whatever it is you may be doing as an adventure traveler. This also goes for when your flight leaves in five minutes and you don't have time to stop and carefully trudged down the stairs or escalator.


Multiple Destinations

If you're going on the type of trip where you'll be going from one major destination to another within a matter of a day or two, you may not find it's worth it to drag around a huge suitcase, unpacking and repacking in an organized fashion, and checking it for every plane or train ride.


Weight Distribution

With a suitcase, you can frequently get sore on whichever side of the body it is your pulling with. Backpacks, however, distribute the weight evenly, which can seriously help in preventing back pains and body soreness.



Something about a backpack just gives off the vibe of serious adventure traveler. If you're going on the type of trip where you don't really know where you'll end up, a backpack may be the best choice for you.