USS Constellation

USS Constitution at darkIf you are looking for an interesting historic landmark, this is the place to take your student group. The last vessel from the Civil War era, the USS Constellation was built in 1854 and is the last all-sail that was made by the United States Navy. Some people say that the name USS Constellation represents the stars on the flag, your group can decide for themselves as they climb aboard and get a glimpse of the life of a sailor in days past.

Your students will learn that the USS Constellation was originally built to convoy American merchants to the West Indies and endeavored to protect the American commercial interests in foreign seas. Her first battle was with a French frigate in 1799 which she won bravely, but this was only the beginning for the Constellation. The years were hard on this beautiful tall ship and she underwent serious and extensive repairs after arduous battles and hard won victories. She saw the world and obtained many stories for your students to learn and retell, perpetually and indefinitely spreading the legacy of the grand dame USS Constellation.

Eager guides are ready to answer any questions as your students explore four different decks inside the vessel. From the top deck where all of the sailing operations took place to the exciting Gun Deck housing the battery of guns, the captain’s cabin and the Galley, the USS Constellation's collection of activities is fascinating to say the least. The other two decks showcase where the soldiers would live, store their supplies, and spend their time off duty. Your group can even participate in a gun drill, explore what's going on in the cook's galley, or have fun with the educational activities as they learn what life was like for the soldiers at sea. Step into the slice of historic life as you explore the goings-on inside the USS Constellation!