Battle of Plattsburgh Interpretive Center

harpers-ferry-80474_1280Located within the War of 1812 Museum on Washington Road in Plattsburgh, New York, your group will find the Allan S. Everest Interpretive Center. More often called the Battle of Plattsburgh Interpretive Center, this permanent exhibit chronologically recounts the events of the battles at Plattsburgh within the context of the War of 1812. The political and economical causes of the war are highlighted in length, as are the land and naval engagements at Plattsburgh during the time.

Once here your group will see the significant role the battles here had on the land and war time in general. The exhibits are anchored by a 5.15 diorama and interactive scale model of the village as it was in 1814.  This provides visitors with the aerial view of the 30,000 acre battlefield, the British and American encampments, forts, batteries, and battles of 1814. You will see scale models of ships, copies of ‘secret’ orders directing British attacks, and discover why Winston Churchill and Theodore Roosevelt called these the "most important events of the war of 1812." You can even stop by the fun and informational History Shoppe before you go to pick up your very own books, toys, maps, or artifacts about the battles!