Cali Art: Best Art Museums in San Francisco

San Francisco is home to many different art museums. Adventure Student Travel thinks that is amazing! Here is a list of some of the best art museums in San Francisco.

Best museums in San Francisco

Museum of 3D Illusions-

This 3D art museum is fun for people of all ages! Step inside and be amazed by the art that bends the mind. The 3D illusions in this museum put YOU inside of the art. Grab your phone and your friends and capture the memories!

Cartoon Art Museum-

Next, stop by the Cartoon Art Museum and learn more about the history of cartoons! Explore their extensive collection of cartoons and even meet and speak with actual cartoonists! If you love cartoons, you’ll love this stop.

Museum of the African Diaspora-

Enjoy the beauty of African American art here at the Museum of African Diaspora. Celebrating and teaching everyone more about black culture groups, this art museum is definitely a gem of the eyes and the soul.

International Art Museum of America-

Because this art museum is focused on international pieces, it holds itself to world class standards. All sorts of art can be found in this museum, some even dating back to the 1700s! The art housed in this museum comes from all over the world including Russia, Algeria, France, Ireland, and America!

Madame Tussauds-

Art is so much more than paint on a canvas. Here at Madame Tussauds, interact with your favorite celebrities… or at least their look alike! This wax sculpture museum is AMAZING with life like sculptures that will make your friends think you actually got your picture taken with some of your favorite celebrities!

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art-

Great art sparks conversation and that’s what you will find here! Home to many works of contemporary art modern art, bring your thinking caps and imagination as you explore the depths of the human imagination!

Asian Art Museum-

One of the most comprehensive collections of Asian art, not just in the United States, but the entire world, this will certainly be one of the favorite museums you ever visit. From ancient Asian pieces to more modern works, marvel at the wonders of Asian culture!

Legion of Honor-

Finally, we arrive at the Legion of Honor. Opened in 1924, here you will find European paintings, sculptures, ancient pieces of art and much, much more! Revisit the past and imagine the future as you gaze upon this wonderful collection!

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