Best Times to Visit

Have you ever gone on summer vacation and the city you had so looked forward to visiting turned out to be crowded, unbearably hot, and overpriced? It happens to the best of them, more specifically during the high seasons. Every city/destination has different high and low seasons and although they don't always correspond with each other, they do follow from year to year so you can anticipate the flux and visit when it's right for your student group. We want you to enjoy your trip, not wring your hands in frustration at the crowds and such, so take a look at the information below and hopefully it'll help you plan.


Soak in that island sun during the winter months when there's no one around, and you might just have a beach to yourself. Hotels and flights try and promote discount prices during the winter and early spring to boost tourism so search for deals and hop on board. Don't neglect your inter-island flights either and book them at the same time as your mainland flight as they can get pretty pricey.

  • high season: June to August, late December to early January
  • low season: mid-January to March
  • shoulder season: mid-March to May, September to November

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Washington, D.C. 

While July and January are part of the low season, brave travelers will have to deal with extreme heat and cold, respectively. Be wary of midweek bookings as they will be higher for business ventures into the city. Going during the low season will aid in your search for an affordable hotel, however.

  • high season: March to mid-June, mid-September to early November
  • low season: July to mid-September, January to February
  • shoulder season: late June, November to December

Los Angeles

L.A. is so popular and warm all year round that there really isn't a "low season." The only weather you have to watch out for would be the Santa Ana winds from October to March and the rainy season from January to March. During the awards season, it can be hard to find a hotel. The city does, however, have several airports to help you shop around for a good deal on airfare.

  • high season: June to August
  • shoulder season: September to May

New York City

Like Los Angeles, New York doesn't really have a low season. Crowds are present all year round but you do have a slight dip in the shoulder season. Winters can be extremely cold so early spring is advisable. Also, book your hotels and flights well in advance to get the best prices.

  • high season: mid-March to December
  • shoulder season: January to early March

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If you're wanting to tour Boston on foot, spring and fall are perhaps your best options though these bring larger crowds and higher prices. Winter is too cold for most but it's doable for those who wish to tour museums and the like. For more affordable hotels and flights, look to the low season and also August for your best deals.

  • high season: April to June, September to October
  • low season: January to March
  • shoulder season: July to August, November to December

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The warmer months offer the most attractions from the zoo to the historical parks throughout the city. Some attractions close for the winter and many people don't like the cold weather anyway. Crowds and prices are highest around the holidays and the summer months so try early spring or the fall for moderate temps and decent prices.

  • high season: June to August
  • low season: December to February
  • shoulder season: March to May, September to November


Orlando's seasons are, shockingly, dictated by the highs and lows of the theme parks, namely Walt Disney World. Whenever school is out of session, the city and parks will be busy. The city's weather is nice enough to enjoy year-round though there are often sudden rainstorms from June through September.

  • high season: March to April, mid-June to mid-August, mid-December to early January
  • low season: May, September, November to early December, January
  • shoulder season: February, late May to mid-June, mid-August to August, October

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It's most difficult to find affordable lodging in the Windy City from June to September and during the holidays. The weather can get pretty frigid, coming off of Lake Michigan, and scares away many visitors. You can, however, find more inexpensive lodging and flights during this low tourist season.

  • high season: April to December
  • low season: January to March


The winters can get extremely cold in Seattle and generally scares away tourists while the fall and spring have more agreeable temperatures and constant rain. The summer is cruise ship season and prices and crowds will skyrocket, so beware. The ideal season is probably the low, from November to March. Just bring a rain jacket.

  • high season: June to August
  • low season: November to March
  • shoulder season: April to May, September to October

New Orleans

The Big Easy gets extremely crowded around the holidays and especially Mardi Gras. The climate makes it pretty agreeable all year round with winters averaging their highs in the 60s. The summer is the cheapest for travelers though it may be quite hot and humid.

  • high season: February to May, October to November
  • low season: June to September
  • shoulder season: December to January