Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary

Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary

Ready for one of the most exciting, interactive, and educational animal adventures in the state of Florida? Well then make sure your group doesn’t miss the opportunity to visit Sarasota’s Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary. This haven for big cats is also home to many other creatures like bears, camels, lemurs, exotic birds, monkeys, and coatimundis, giving your group the chance to explore many facets of exotic wildlife observation.

With live animal training demos in the air-conditioned arena every day, Big Cat Habitat offers the chance to educate the public on these often misunderstood creatures by fostering an appreciation for the animals with careful training and positive reinforcement. Created to rescue local exotic wildlife in need of a permanent home, this sanctuary actually doubles the lifespan of most big cats it houses, generally taking care of them for up to twenty years each.

Be sure to check out the interactive petting zoo where you can see lions, tigers, and Brutus the rare Liger, oh my! There’s even a chance to see a man put his whole head inside a lion’s mouth as your group meets Clayton, one of the in-house trainers who like to test the limits of his training in playful ways. Speaking of playful, don’t miss an opportunity to tour one of the three large indoor and outdoor housing complexes for the cats and watch them splash around in their private pool or climb to the top of a palm tree in search of a new toy as a part of your group's big cat adventure!


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